International Success


Veronica Rovatti ’19 finds Mozart’s Violin Concerto in G major to be both upbeat and joyful. Earlier this semester, she performed it as a finalist in the Jefferson Symphony International Young Artists Competition.

Qualifying for entry into the January contest in Lakewood, Colorado, was no easy feat. Rovatti had to record an entire concerto and submit it to the Jefferson Symphony in Golden, Colorado, hoping she would be one of the 12 finalists chosen to perform. In competition, she had to play the 25-minute piece from memory. “It was exciting because it was the first concerto competition I’ve performed in,” she says. “But it was also challenging because of the length of the piece.”

Rovatti has been playing an instrument since she was three years old. She says Professor Jennifer Meyer Foskitt had a hand in helping her choose the piece for her performance. Rovatti says all of her University professors have been critical to her growth as a musician.

After graduation, Rovatti plans to continue her education in the study of music. “I hope to someday become a professor of music myself because of how strongly my teachers at Westfield State have influenced me,” she says.


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