Soundbytes on Global Success: A few words from alumni living and working across the world


“Westfield State helped me think outside the box in terms of gaining experience within my field of study.”

— Hannah Grayboff ’09, Business, in Himarë, Albania, backpacking and volunteering via since March 2015.

“I met the best people in Lammers Hall and Dever Auditorium. The opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life—such as music, nature (Cobble Mountain), friendship, laughter, and dancing—have stayed with me and changed my way of looking at life.”

— Anne Edwards ’87, English and Communication, in London, England, working as a middle school humanities teacher at the American School in London since 1998 and teaching hatha yoga since 2007.

“It is impossible to single out a certain professor or moment while I studied at Westfield State. The entire time I was there, it was quite enjoyable and fulfilling. The journey was quite a positive experience. Not only did I come out of Westfield State with a diploma, but the most important education I received was to make all my experiences positive and enjoyable.”

— Todd Richer ’05, Business Administration, in Pattaya, Thailand, serving as the CEO of Hometown Property Pattaya Co. Ltd., Real Estate Company.

“I’m indebted to the faculty and staff of the Westfield State Communication and Residential Life departments, as they’ve strengthened my interpersonal and communication skills, which have greatly advanced my professional development within my past and present work environments.”

— Angela (Reid) Evans ’09, Communication/Public Relations, in London, England, working in information technology for a private healthcare hospital since 2014.

“All of the knowledge I gained, both academic and social, the exposure to professional faculty and coaches, and the life experiences I had at Westfield State were invaluable. My four years at Westfield State built my confidence and allowed me to believe that I could achieve whatever career I decided to pursue. I would not have been able to reach the law enforcement position I am in with the United States government today without the foundation that was formed at Westfield State.”

— Cheryl Bassett ’88, Criminal Justice, in Brasilia, Brazil, working as a supervisory special agent with ICE,
Homeland Security Investigations; currently assigned as the attaché in Brasilia since January 2014.

“For me, I think the social skills and self-confidence that I started to cultivate at Westfield State have been my greatest assets in this latest chapter of my life. To move to another country in a different part of the world takes a lot of courage and a determination to make things happen for yourself.”

— Terry O’Neil ’90, Business, in Gothenburg, Sweden, working as a computer consultant for one of the largest infrastructure consulting firms in Europe.

“Westfield State provided me with an outstanding education, hands-on academics, small face-to-face classes, and the personalization that you get from attending a small university. My lifelong successes would not have
been possible if it were not for the grounding and real-world teachings provided by those academics, which included the late Dr. Bob Siaisi, with whom I maintained a personal relationship up until his sad passing and
whom I deeply miss.”

— Anthony Perrone ’81, Psychology, in Albury, Australia, working as a sessional lecturer at La Trobe University in its School of Management and Marketing and as a counselor for community organizations whose clients are from low socioeconomic backgrounds/environments.


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