Westfield Tartan Instills Civic, University Pride


In honor of the city of Westfield’s 350th anniversary, the Westfield State Foundation, Inc. wanted to initiate a scholarship for the most academically gifted students from each of Westfield’s secondary schools. The genesis of this “Westfield Pride” scholarship came from the members of the Foundation’s scholarship committee.

While this concept was being discussed, the Foundation was also presented with the idea of developing a Westfield tartan that might generate more community involvement in this nascent scholarship fund. The Foundation brought the two ideas together and commissioned the creation of a Westfield State University Westfield tartan that would identify all that is good about the city.

In choosing the colors for the tartan, it made sense to include the University colors and the colors of all the local secondary schools. A unique feature of a tartan is that no two “pure” colors can touch one other, and many color blends can be created by the crossing of “pure” colors. A tartan color is traditionally called a “sett,” and it is the sett rather than the shades of color that defines a tartan.

These are the colors that make up the Westfield tartan: blue, white, and gold for Westfield State; black and red for Westfield High School; purple and gold for Westfield Technical Academy; and green and gold for Saint Mary’s High School.

All authentic tartans, regardless of origin, must pass all requirements and be registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans in Edinburgh, Scotland. In fall 2017, the Foundation received official notification that this creation registered as an authentic and unique tartan.

After receiving the wool tartan fabric, scarves and ties were made and are available for purchase. All proceeds from sales will fund Westfield State Foundation, Inc. “Westfield Pride Scholarship.” Each year, the high schools in Westfield will submit the name of the student with the highest GPA who has been accepted and has chosen to attend the University to receive the scholarship.

The scarves were unveiled in November 2018. “With the upcoming anniversary, the tartan and scholarship seemed like a perfect match,” says Lisa McMahon, director of Advancement and Stewardship at Westfield State. “It’s a great connection and a great gift.”

To make a donation in support of the Westfield Pride Scholarship or to purchase your Westfield tartan items, visit westfieldalumni.org/tartan.


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