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Student Testimonials

Hear what our students and alumni have to say about our Graduate and Continuing Education programs!

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“The small class size has led to personal, one-on-one relationships with great professors, as well as a real chance to get to know my classmates. I figured as a commuter student who had a family at home, my interaction with my peers would be limited, if existent at all. Because it’s a smaller program, I have classes with a lot of the same people every semester, still meeting new students as well! I feel at ease and very familiar with the others in my classes. Despite age or lifestyle differences, we have common goals we are working toward, and it’s been a really wonderful experience to find myself in such a thoughtful and smart community. The M.A. in English program has been really such a rich experience because it has refreshed my memory, piqued my interest, and renewed my passion about literature, criticism, and just general discussion. With the goal of teaching English/Language Arts to young adults, these are all so important for me to bring into the classroom, I couldn’t feel more excitement, or feel more prepared, than I do now!”
Allyn Spacek, Stay-at-Home Mom, Future ELA Teacher
♦ Master of Arts in English (current)

“I chose Westfield State over all other colleges and universities because I felt it offered a superior combination of financial, educational, and opportunistic value. My experience at Westfield far exceeded my expectations. Through the connections I made while at WSU, I was able to not only excel in academia, but also participate in two unique internships that were highlighted during interviews by previous and current employers.
My degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Administration have not only already helped me in my field, but I foresee them continuing to assist me as I continue my professional career. Understanding the hierarchical structure of public safety agencies, their focus, and why public agencies operate the way they do is important when working in the emergency management field. The background knowledge I obtained through studying Criminal Justice and Public Administration is constantly put to use.
The most positive experience of my time as a student at WSU has been the positive relationships I have formed with my peers, faculty, and staff. I had a wonderful time as a student at Westfield and am confident that I would not have had that experience at any other institution.”
Andrew Poliferno, Contract Specialist, Disaster Recovery, Mass. Emergency Management Agency
♦ Master of Public Administration ’12
♦ Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice ’10

“I came to Westfield State to play hockey as an undergrad, and once I was here and had obtained my bachelor’s degree, I really couldn’t imagine going to another school for my master’s. I fell in love with Westfield and I haven’t left since. The small campus allows students to befriend a lot of people. On bigger campuses, you might see a person one day and then never see them again during the course of your education. Here at Westfield, you see a person on Monday, and you’ll probably see them again on Wednesday. We are way more of a close-knit community school, and that’s probably my favorite thing about Westfield.”
Mike Young, Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator, Woodward Center Facilities Manager, WSU Men’s Ice Hockey Associate Head Coach
♦ Master of Arts in English ’12
♦ Bachelor of Arts in English ’10

“I pursued my undergraduate degree at Westfield State University because of their teacher preparation program and graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics. Overall, my undergraduate experience at WSU was informative and rewarding, so it was no surprise that I decided to continue my education with the post-baccalaureate program at Westfield. By completing this program, I was able to successfully obtain my initial license in mathematics, grades 5-8 and 8-12. I was given more time to develop my skills and try exploratory lessons. Students were given real world examples and encouraged to put the mathematics into context. This program allowed me the opportunity to try a variety of instructional techniques and build relationships with the community and parents/guardians.
Supportive educators that value hard work and dedication made my experience at WSU even more enjoyable. The relationships that I built with faculty and staff made my journey positive. Professors never hesitated to share their experiences and useful tips and tricks of the trade.”
Jennifer Rodger, High School Mathematics Teacher
♦ Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Certification, Mathematics (5-8, 8-12) ’12
♦ Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics ’12