1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Western Connecticut vs. Westfield State
  Date: Nov 10, 2017 • Site: Westfield, Mass.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu35WSU ball on WSU35.
owls to kick and defend south end zone
Derek Tetrault kickoff 50 yards to the WCSU15, Tariq Odom return 19 yards to the WCSU34, fumble by Tariq Odom recovered by WSU Brian Short at WCSU33.
Wsu 1-10on Wcsu33WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 14:53.
Wsu 1-10on Wcsu33Travon Holder rush for loss of 2 yards to the WCSU35.
Wsu 2-12on Wcsu35Travon Holder rush for 3 yards to the WCSU32 (Jalen Miller;Rich Washington).
Wsu 3-9on Wcsu32PENALTY WSU substitution infraction (Devin Lekan) 5 yards to the WCSU37.
Wsu 3-14on Wcsu37Jake Cassidy pass incomplete to Evan Garvey (Dominique Carr).
Wsu 4-14on Wcsu37Cody Cleveland punt 29 yards to the WCSU8, Jaret DeVellis return 10 yards to the WCSU18 (Sean Dillon;Zach Howard).
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 4 yards, TOP 1:51
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu18WESTERN CONNECTICUT drive start at 13:02.
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu18Duane Gary rush for 1 yard to the WCSU19 (Zach Howard).
Wcsu 2-9on Wcsu19Duane Gary rush for 19 yards to the WCSU38, 1ST DOWN WCSU, out-of-bounds (William Tejeda).
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu38Quinn Fleeting pass complete to A. Calamita for 11 yards to the WCSU49, 1ST DOWN WCSU, out-of-bounds (James English).
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu49Duane Gary rush for 3 yards to the WSU48, fumble forced by Jake Mullins, fumble by Duane Gary recovered by WSU Zack Kane at WSU49.
 Drive: 4 plays, 33 yards, TOP 1:48
Wsu 1-10on Wsu49WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 11:14.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu49Travon Holder rush for 1 yard to the 50 yardline (Doug Katz).
Wsu 2-9on Wsu50Jake Cassidy rush for 2 yards to the WCSU48 (Kevin Maxen;Jalen Miller).
Wsu 3-7on Wcsu48Travon Holder rush for 9 yards to the WCSU39, 1ST DOWN WSU (Kobe Covington).
Wsu 1-10on Wcsu39Travon Holder rush for 4 yards to the WCSU35 (Doug Katz;Mike Siwek).
Wsu 2-6on Wcsu35PENALTY WSU false start (Devin Lekan) 5 yards to the WCSU40.
Wsu 2-11on Wcsu40Travon Holder rush for 5 yards to the WCSU35 (L. DeSouza).
Wsu 3-6on Wcsu35Travon Holder rush for no gain to the WCSU35, out-of-bounds (Ryan Jarzavek), PENALTY WSU illegal block 15 yards to the 50 yardline, NO PLAY.
Wsu 3-21on Wsu50Jake Cassidy pass incomplete to Travon Holder, dropped pass.
Wsu 4-21on Wsu50Cody Cleveland punt 37 yards to the WCSU13, downed.
 Drive: 6 plays, 1 yard, TOP 4:03
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu13WESTERN CONNECTICUT drive start at 07:11.
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu13Kha. Patterson rush for 5 yards to the WCSU18 (Zach Howard;William Tejeda).
Wcsu 2-5on Wcsu18PENALTY WCSU false start 5 yards to the WCSU13.
Wcsu 2-10on Wcsu13Quinn Fleeting pass intercepted by Tyler Robbins at the WCSU20, Tyler Robbins return 16 yards to the WCSU4, PENALTY WSU illegal forward pass (Tyler Robbins) 5 yards to the WCSU9, 1st and 10, WSU ball on WCSU9.
 Drive: 2 plays, 0 yards, TOP 1:14
Wsu 1-Gon Wcsu09WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 05:57.
Wsu 1-Gon Wcsu09Timeout Westfield State, clock 05:57.
Wsu 1-Gon Wcsu09Travon Holder rush for 3 yards to the WCSU6 (A. Schimanski).
Wsu 2-Gon Wcsu06Travon Holder rush for 2 yards to the WCSU4 (Doug Katz;H. Alexander).
Wsu 3-Gon Wcsu04Travon Holder rush for loss of 1 yard to the WCSU5 (Kevin Maxen;A. Thornberg).
Wsu 4-Gon Wcsu05Jake Cassidy rush for 5 yards to the WCSU0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:46.
flushed out, scramble to left pylon
Corey Pooler kick attempt failed.
Westfield State 6, Western Connecticut 0
wide left
 Drive: 4 plays, 9 yards, TOP 2:19
Derek Tetrault kickoff 55 yards to the WCSU10, Duane Gary return -2 yards to the WCSU8 (Alijah Ellis).
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu08WESTERN CONNECTICUT drive start at 03:38.
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu08Quinn Fleeting rush for 6 yards to the WCSU14 (AndrewCarpenter).
Wcsu 2-4on Wcsu14Duane Gary rush for 2 yards to the WCSU16 (Zach Howard;Tyler Robbins).
Wcsu 3-2on Wcsu16Duane Gary rush for 5 yards to the WCSU21, 1ST DOWN WCSU (Jake Mullins;AndrewCarpenter).
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu21Quinn Fleeting rush for 2 yards to the WCSU23 (Alijah Ellis).
Wcsu 2-8on Wcsu23Duane Gary rush for 13 yards to the WCSU36, 1ST DOWN WCSU (Alijah Ellis).
Wcsu 1-10on Wcsu36Duane Gary rush for 1 yard to the WCSU37 (William Tejeda;Nahied Fleming).
Wcsu 2-9on Wcsu37Quinn Fleeting pass complete to Duane Gary for loss of 1 yard to the WCSU36, fumble forced by TJ Cairns, fumble by Duane Gary recovered by WSU Tyler Robbins at WCSU36.
 Drive: 7 plays, 28 yards, TOP 3:28
Wsu 1-10on Wcsu36WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 00:10.