3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Fitchburg State vs. Westfield State
  Date: Oct 14, 2017 • Site: Westfield, Mass.

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Wsu 2-6on Wsu39Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00.
Wsu 2-6on Wsu39FIT ball on FIT35.
 Drive: 1 play, 4 yards, TOP 0:39
Z. Bingham kickoff 50 yards to the WSU15, Nick Ieng return 13 yards to the WSU28 (C. Stafford).
Wsu 1-10on Wsu28WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 14:55.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu28Travon Holder rush for loss of 1 yard to the WSU27 (M. Lynch).
Wsu 2-11on Wsu27Jake Cassidy pass incomplete to Tyler Bevan.
Wsu 3-11on Wsu27Jake Cassidy pass incomplete to Tyler Bevan.
Wsu 4-11on Wsu27Cody Cleveland punt 36 yards to the FIT37, downed.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 1 yard, TOP 1:02
Fit 1-10on Fit37FITCHBURG STATE drive start at 13:53.
Fit 1-10on Fit37PENALTY FIT holding (M. Caulton) 10 yards to the FIT27.
Fit 1-20on Fit271st and 10.
Fit 1-10on Fit27J. Brown-Simpso rush for 3 yards to the FIT30 (Nick Borsari;Jake Mullins).
Fit 2-7on Fit30J. Brown-Simpso rush for 2 yards to the FIT32 (AndrewCarpenter;Zach Howard).
Fit 3-5on Fit32J. Antonelli pass complete to J. Brown-Simpso for 12 yards to the FIT44, 1ST DOWN FIT (Zach Howard), PENALTY WSU personal foul (Zach Howard) 15 yards to the WSU41, 1ST DOWN FIT.
Fit 1-10on Wsu411st and 10.
Fit 1-10on Wsu41H. Acosta rush for loss of 3 yards to the WSU44 (Zach Howard).
Fit 2-13on Wsu44J. Brown-Simpso rush for 3 yards to the WSU41 (Daryl Denson).
Fit 3-10on Wsu41J. Antonelli pass incomplete (AndrewCarpenter), QB hurry by K. Marshall.
Fit 4-10on Wsu41J. Barrientos punt 41 yards to the WSU0, touchback.
 Drive: 6 plays, 22 yards, TOP 3:09
Wsu 1-10on Wsu20WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 10:44.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu20Chris Belsito rush for no gain to the WSU20 (G. Rosario).
Wsu 2-10on Wsu20Jake Cassidy pass complete to Tyler Bevan for 20 yards to the WSU40, 1ST DOWN WSU.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu40Chris Belsito rush for 4 yards to the WSU44 (A. Bednarz;D. Bednarz).
Wsu 2-6on Wsu44Chris Belsito rush for loss of 4 yards to the WSU40 (M. Lynch).
Wsu 3-10on Wsu40PENALTY FIT OF (M. Frazier) 5 yards to the WSU45.
Wsu 3-5on Wsu45Jake Cassidy rush for loss of 1 yard to the WSU44, out-of-bounds (M. Crawford).
Wsu 4-6on Wsu44Cody Cleveland punt 37 yards to the FIT19, downed.
 Drive: 5 plays, 24 yards, TOP 3:17
Fit 1-10on Fit19FITCHBURG STATE drive start at 07:27.
Fit 1-10on Fit19J. Brown-Simpso rush for 25 yards to the FIT44 (Alijah Ellis;Jack Buckley), PENALTY FIT illegal procedure 5 yards to the FIT14, NO PLAY.
Fit 1-15on Fit14J. Brown-Simpso rush for no gain to the FIT14, fumble forced by Jake Mullins, fumble by J. Brown-Simpso recovered by WSU Tyler Robbins at FIT14.
 Drive: 1 play, minus 5 yards, TOP 0:31
Wsu 1-10on Fit14WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 06:56.
Wsu 1-10on Fit14Travon Holder rush for no gain to the FIT14 (M. Lynch), PENALTY WSU illegal procedure 67 yards to the WSU19, NO PLAY.
Wsu 1-77on Wsu19Jake Cassidy pass incomplete to Tyler Bevan.
Wsu 2-77on Wsu19Jake Cassidy pass incomplete.
Wsu 3-77on Wsu19Travon Holder rush for 61 yards to the FIT20 (J. White).
Wsu 4-16on Fit20Corey Pooler field goal attempt from 37 BLOCKED, recovered by WSU William Tejeda at WSU47 spot at WSU47, clock 05:18 (blocked by D. Bednarz), E. Bennett for 6 yards to the WSU41.
 Drive: 4 plays, minus 6 yards, TOP 2:18
Fit 1-10on Wsu41J. Antonelli pass complete to D. Summiel for 4 yards to the WSU37 (Tyler Robbins).
Fit 2-6on Wsu37J. Antonelli pass intercepted by Jack Buckley at the WSU5, Jack Buckley return 0 yards to the WSU5.
 Drive: 2 plays, 4 yards, TOP 0:00
Wsu 1-10on Wsu05WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 04:38.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu05Chris Belsito rush for 3 yards to the WSU8 (J. Garcia), PENALTY FIT personal foul 15 yards to the WSU23, 1ST DOWN WSU.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu231st and 10.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu23Jake Cassidy rush for 1 yard to the WSU24 (M. Lynch).
Wsu 2-9on Wsu24Chris Belsito rush for 15 yards to the WSU39 (J. White;R. Bednarek), PENALTY WSU holding declined, PENALTY WSU holding (Kevin Joyce) 14 yards to the WSU10, NO PLAY.
Wsu 2-23on Wsu10Jake Cassidy rush for 10 yards to the WSU20 (R. Bednarek).
Wsu 3-13on Wsu20Jake Cassidy pass incomplete to Witold Gul.
Wsu 4-13on Wsu20Cody Cleveland punt 29 yards to the WSU49, fair catch by H. Acosta.
 Drive: 4 plays, 15 yards, TOP 2:34
Fit 1-10on Wsu49FITCHBURG STATE drive start at 02:04.
Fit 1-10on Wsu49J. Brown-Simpso rush for 8 yards to the WSU41 (Jake Mullins).
Fit 2-2on Wsu41J. Brown-Simpso rush for 3 yards to the WSU38, 1ST DOWN FIT (Ommel Bonilla;Zach Howard).
Fit 1-10on Wsu38J. Antonelli pass incomplete (Alijah Ellis).
Fit 2-10on Wsu38J. Antonelli pass incomplete to J. Lastra, PENALTY WSU OF (Latin Taylor) 5 yards to the WSU33, NO PLAY.
Fit 2-5on Wsu33J. Brown-Simpso rush for 2 yards to the WSU31 (Zach Howard).
Fit 3-3on Wsu31J. Antonelli pass incomplete to J. Brown (Jack Buckley).
Fit 4-3on Wsu31J. Antonelli pass complete to D. Summiel for 31 yards to the WSU0, 1ST DOWN FIT, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:05.
short slant ran in
G. Richert kick attempt good.
Westfield State 27, Fitchburg State 21
 Drive: 6 plays, 49 yards, TOP 2:04
Z. Bingham kickoff 47 yards to the WSU18, Dominic Notini return 15 yards to the WSU33 (S. Garvin).
Wsu 1-10on Wsu33WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 00:00.