4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  UMass_Dartmouth vs. Westfield State
  Date: Sep 14, 2018 • Site: Westfield, Mass.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Umd 1-21on Umd37Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
Umd 1-21on Umd372nd and 21.
Umd 2-21on Umd37Steffan Gravely rush for 5 yards to the UMD42 (Robbins, Tyler).
Umd 3-16on Umd42Jace Pena pass incomplete to Leroy Brown.
Umd 4-16on Umd42Jack Droney punt 14 yards to the WSU44, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 5 plays, 5 yards, TOP 2:00
Wsu 1-10on Wsu44WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 14:10.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu44Cassidy, Jake at QB for Westfield State.
Wsu 1-10on Wsu44Cassidy, Jake rush for loss of 9 yards to the WSU35 (Tom Janicki).
Wsu 2-19on Wsu35Cassidy, Jake pass incomplete to Holder, Travon, dropped pass.
Wsu 3-19on Wsu35Timeout UMass_Dartmouth, clock 13:15.
Wsu 3-19on Wsu35Cassidy, Jake pass complete to McCray, Justin for 23 yards to the UMD42, 1ST DOWN WSU (Tom Janicki).
Wsu 1-10on Umd42Cassidy, Jake pass complete to Garvey, Evan for 17 yards to the UMD25, 1ST DOWN WSU (Tony Slaughter), PENALTY UMD unsportsmanlike conduct (Tony Slaughter) 11 yards to the UMD14, 1ST DOWN WSU.
Wsu 1-10on Umd141st and 10.
Wsu 1-10on Umd14Timeout UMass_Dartmouth, clock 12:29.
Wsu 1-10on Umd14McCray, Justin rush for 2 yards to the UMD12 (Moise Rainford).
Wsu 2-8on Umd12Timeout Westfield State, clock 11:37.
Wsu 2-8on Umd12Cassidy, Jake pass incomplete to Coakley, Tahg (Sam Krajewski).
broken up in end zone
Wsu 3-8on Umd12Cassidy, Jake pass incomplete (Jacob Burkhead).
Wsu 4-8on Umd12PENALTY UMD encroachment 5 yards to the UMD7.
Wsu 4-3on Umd07Cassidy, Jake pass incomplete to Garvey, Evan (D.Hunter-Parker).
 Drive: 8 plays, 49 yards, TOP 2:52
Umd 1-10on Umd07UMASS_DARTMOUTH drive start at 11:18.
Umd 1-10on Umd07Steffan Gravely rush for 5 yards to the UMD12 (Rivera, Brandon).
Umd 2-5on Umd12Steffan Gravely rush for 6 yards to the UMD18, 1ST DOWN UMD (Mullins, Jake).
Umd 1-10on Umd18Jace Pena rush for loss of 2 yards to the UMD16 (Howard, Zach).
Umd 2-12on Umd16Steffan Gravely rush for loss of 1 yard to the UMD15 (Woodward, Alyis).
Umd 3-13on Umd15Jace Pena pass complete to DJ Machado for 37 yards to the WSU48 (Buckley, Jack), PENALTY UMD holding 8 yards to the UMD7, NO PLAY.
Umd 3-21on Umd07Steffan Gravely rush for 13 yards to the UMD20, out-of-bounds (Ellis, Alijah).
Umd 4-8on Umd20Jack Droney punt 27 yards to the UMD47, downed.
 Drive: 5 plays, 13 yards, TOP 3:50
Wsu 1-10on Umd47WESTFIELD STATE drive start at 07:28.
Wsu 1-10on Umd47Johnson, Jamar at QB for Westfield State.
Wsu 1-10on Umd47Johnson, Jamar rush for loss of 2 yards to the UMD49 (Ryan Bucko).
Wsu 2-12on Umd49Timeout Westfield State, clock 06:37.
Wsu 2-12on Umd49Johnson, Jamar rush for 2 yards to the UMD47 (Tony Slaughter), PENALTY UMD OF 5 yards to the UMD44, NO PLAY.
Wsu 2-7on Umd44Johnson, Jamar pass incomplete to Ieng, Nick, PENALTY UMD encroachment (Mike Whitsett) 5 yards to the UMD39, NO PLAY.
Wsu 2-2on Umd39Johnson, Jamar pass incomplete to Coakley, Tahg.
Wsu 3-2on Umd39Darby, RJ rush for 4 yards to the UMD35, 1ST DOWN WSU (Jacob Burkhead).
Wsu 1-10on Umd35Darby, RJ rush for 4 yards to the UMD31 (Connor Russ).
Wsu 2-6on Umd31Johnson, Jamar rush for loss of 2 yards to the UMD33 (Sean Reall).
Wsu 3-8on Umd33Johnson, Jamar rush for 10 yards to the UMD23, 1ST DOWN WSU, out-of-bounds (Jacob Burkhead).
Wsu 1-10on Umd23Johnson, Jamar pass incomplete to Holder, Travon.
Wsu 2-10on Umd23Johnson, Jamar rush for 5 yards to the UMD18 (Ryan Bucko).
Wsu 3-5on Umd18Johnson, Jamar pass incomplete to Cahill, Adam (Tony Slaughter).
Wsu 4-5on Umd18Timeout UMass_Dartmouth, clock 02:23.
Wsu 4-5on Umd18Johnson, Jamar pass complete to Miller, Mike for 13 yards to the UMD5, 1ST DOWN WSU (Matt Heaney).
Wsu 1-Gon Umd05Johnson, Jamar pass incomplete to McCray, Justin (D.Hunter-Parker).
Wsu 2-Gon Umd05Johnson, Jamar rush for no gain to the UMD5 (Tom Janicki).
Wsu 3-Gon Umd05PENALTY WSU delay of game 5 yards to the UMD10.
Wsu 3-Gon Umd10Johnson, Jamar pass incomplete to McCray, Justin.
Wsu 4-Gon Umd10Johnson, Jamar rush for 3 yards to the UMD7, fumble forced by D.Hunter-Parker, fumble by Johnson, Jamar recovered by WSU TEAM at UMD7, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 14 plays, 40 yards, TOP 6:47
Umd 1-10on Umd07UMASS_DARTMOUTH drive start at 00:41.
Umd 1-10on Umd07TEAM rush for loss of 1 yard to the UMD6.
Umd 2-11on Umd06End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 1 play, minus 1 yard, TOP 0:41