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Mathematical Careers in the Actuarial Field

Mathematics is a valuable tool in the Actuarial field. What an actuary does is create and maintain valuable statistics that help organizations predict the future. An actuary has an abundance of mathematical skills, enjoys problem-solving, and is usually a curious person who is interested in doing research. Besides these qualities that an actuary normally possesses, one must be able keep up on current trends and business issues, as well as know the latest information in the social sciences, law, and economics. This knowledge enables an actuary to be familiar with any situation that he/she is asked to tackle. Therefore, he/she is able to factor in the certain social and cultural factors that effect his/her calculations, which brings him/her to the significant predictions that he/she is paid to find.

The department of mathematics offers "Math 342: Actuarial Problem Solving" as a course by special arrangement, to help you prepare for the first actuarial exam, Exam P/1. Contact the department's actuarial program coordinator for more details.

Some great descriptions of what the job of a mathematician in the Actuarial field entails can be found from the following sources: