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Mathematical Careers in the Government

Most people might be surprised to hear that mathematics is an important component in many governmental associations. These careers involve the safety and security of our society. A mathematician who chooses to work in this field usually has a great deal of knowledge in the area of Computer Science. In addition, this type of employee needs to have some knowledge in both the engineering and business arenas. A mathematicians who works for governmental associations often relies on his strong background of analysis, probability and statistics, and differential equations to make the important every day decisions this job calls for.

The following description is one of a mathematician who works for the U.S. Census Bureau.

"--Being on the forefront of developing new statistical methodologies and performing cutting edge research to solve statistical problems.

--Developing and conducting statistical computing research involving record linkage, time series-modeling, seasonal adjustment, and demographic forecasting.

--Designing the surveys that provide the official measurements of income and poverty, unemployment, manufacturing and foreign trade.

--Being a part of the statistics sought by the president's council of economic advisors, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Congress".

Cited from http://www.census.gov/hrd/www.vacancy/2pgmath.htm

Below are some short descriptions of a few jobs that a mathematician in this field may have: