English 0246 Creative Writing

Dr. Filas

Final Portfolio, Due Wednesday, December 12, at start of class (no late work accepted)




W 11/28

Mesostic poetry

collect flash fiction assignment; discuss mesostic poetry; portfolio assignment.


M 12/3

fame/frame Read WS submissions and submission.

Course evals; conference sign up; discuss fame/frame assignment; discuss submission.


W 12/5

No class meeting—Conferences; final touches on portfolio and fame/frame.



M 12/10

No class meeting—Conferences; final touches on portfolio and fame/frame.



W 12/12

Last day of class.

readings; collect portfolios; share fame/frame.


Final Portfolio Assignment (25%)






Regarding those texts which I have seen and graded or commented on: this section should include all my comments in one place. You may include a small selection of written student comments (that you received), choosing those three or four pages that you found most helpful and which point to ways you have developed as a writer this term.


The above items combined comprise a nearly comprehensive portfolio, except your journals which are graded separately and count for 10% of your final grade. The Fame-frame materials should be included in your portfolio, but are graded separately, and should be separate from the final portfolio materials.



Performance Assignment (10%)


Due December 12—Reading Performance / Slam: Each of you must give one 5 minute reading in class, standing, reading a poem or short fiction to us for applause and cheers of goodwill. These pages are not turned in separately from wherever they might appear in other contexts (final portfolio, fame frame), just read or performed. Practice reading with gusto and conviction.


Due December 12—Fame frame: each of you must provide two one-page texts.  Each must be presented on the page as worthy of a frame.  That means attention to whitespace and placement on the page, and with some margin to allow for the edge of the frame.  You must also submit your very best work, it may be read by anyone going in and out of my office for at least a year, but maybe longer.  Each page must have your name and a date.  The story/poem should also have a title. 


Show me how stunning you can be. These must be submitted in an 8.5x11 envelope with a sheet of cardboard included to prevent bending.  I will store these and possibly rotate more than one of your pieces in and out of the frames.


Due December 7—Persona Submission: Please email as an attachment at least four poems, or two prose submissions (fiction, or your creative non-fiction, or script) to personasubmissions@westfield.ma.edu. The submitted materials can be from anywhere in your portfolio, including revised work or fame-frame materials. You may submit more than the requirement here. Please print off your email and include it with your portfolio.


Your email should say something like:


Dear Persona Editors,


Please consider the enclosed story, “I’m a Winner,” and the poems, “Love Me,” “Hate Me,” and “I’m a Little Prairie Flower” for publication in Persona.


[If you have previously published creative work, you might mention it here, as in “I have previously published stories in ReadMe, the literary journal of Acme High School in Acme, Massachusetts.”]


Thank you for considering my work.




Your name (2013 [graduation year])