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Sports in Massachusetts: Historical Essays
Edited by Ronald Story
Massachusetts Baseball and Cricket, 1840-1870, George Kirsch                          1

Take Me to the Brawl Game: Sports and Workers in Gilded Massachusetts
Robert Weir                                                                                               16

A Game of Synthesis: Basketball’s Transformation of an Evangelical Idea
Michael Trotman                                                                                         37

The Old Ballparks of Massachusetts, Richard L. Miller                                         51

“Millions of Flakes of Fun in Massachusetts”:Boston and the Development                        
of Skiing, 1870-1940, E. John B. Allen                                                           69

From Subsistence to Sport: Blood Sports in Massachusetts
Jan Dizard                                                                                                  96

Baseball at the Eastern Women’s Universitys: During the Victorian Period
Gai Berlage                                                                                                109

The Manager’s Endgame, Glenn Stout                                                           121

Harvard and the Color Line: The Case of Lucien Alexis, Jr.
Patrick B. Miller                                                                                           137

Minor Frustrations: The Demise of Bush League Baseball in Massachusetts
Jerome M. Mileur                                                                                        165

Readings on the History of Sports                                                                 167

Massachusetts Politics: Selected Historical Essays
Edited by Jack Tager, Martin Kaufman and Michael Konig

Jack Tager, “From a ‘City Upon a Hill’ to a Metropolitan Polity”                           viii

Thomas McMullin, “Introduction: The Struggle for Power in Massachusetts”         1

Jack Tager, “The Language of the Unheard’: Boston and Rioting
In Pre-Revolutionary America”                                                                        7

Michael C. Batinski, “Elisha Cooke, Jr. and the Problem of  Legislative
Leadership in the Eighteenth Century”                                                           32

Matthew H. Crocker, “The siege of Boston is once more raised”:
Municipal Politics and the Collapse of Federalism, 1821-1823”                             52

Lori Bogle, “Paradox Of Opportunities: Lucy Stone, Alice Stone Blackwell,
And the Tragedy of Freedom”                                                                      72

Henry Bedford, “The Lawrence Strike of 1912 and the Failure of the
Massachusetts Socialist Party”                                                                       90

Ronald Petrin, “Ethnicity and Urban Politics: French Canadians in
Worcester, 1895-191”                                                                                 104

Ronald Story, “Government and the Use of Power in Massachusetts”                  121

Lawrence Kennedy. “Boston’s First Irish Mayor: Hugh O’Brien, 1885-1889”           128

Kathleen Banks Nutter, “Women Reformers and the Limitations of Labor Politics
In Progressive Era Massachusetts”                                                                   153

James J. Kenneally, “A Delegation Divided: Massachusetts and the Nomination
of Dwight D. Eisenhower”                                                                              174

Michael F. Konig, “Federal Defense Politics and the Closing of the
Springfield Armory”                                                                                        191

Jack Tager, “Urban Renewal in Boston: Municipal Entrepreneurs
and Urban Elites”                                                                                           223

Education in Massachusetts: Selected Essays
Editors: Michael F. Konig and Martin Kaufman

Brian C. Mitchell, “Educating Irish Immigrants in Antebellum Lowell”                        3

Robert T. Brown, “The Reform of the Normal School, 1894-1914”                        17

Richard A. Yanikoski, “Harvard University’s Early Quest for a Graduate
School of Theoretical and Practical Science”                                                       36

Ivan Greenberg, “Reformers, Workers, and the Half-Day Mill School
Movement of the 1870’s”                                                                                65

Timothy J. Meager, “The Delayed Development of Parochial Education
Among Irish Catholic in Worcester”                                                                    80

Mary J. Oates, “The Professional Preparation of Parochial School Teachers,
1870-1940”                                                                                                   103

Mary Roth Walsh and Francis R. Walsh, “Integrating Men’s Universitys at the
Turn of the Century”                                                                                       123

Jack W. Berryman, “Early Black Leadership in Collegiate Football”                             139

James W. Fraser, “Honey Fitz and Boston’s School, 1905-1913”                              155

John P. Whittaker, “Bringing University to the People”                                              175

Edmund B. Thomas, Jr., “Patriotism vs. Academic Freedom; The Teacher’s
Oath of 1935”                                                                                                 199

Robert Paul Gabrielsky, “Construction and Protest at the University
of Massachusetts in the 1960s”                                                                          219

Labor in Massachusetts: Selected Essays
Editors: Kenneth Fones-Wolf and Martin Kaufman

The Transition to Industrialization: Editor’s Note                                                    1
Kenneth Fones-Wolf

The Changing Division of Skill and Responsibility Among Boston                                15
Housewrights, 1787-1837 by Lisa B. Lubow

Women’s Work in the Western Massachusetts Rural Economy                                 30
Marjorie Ruzich Abel                                                                                               

Minders of Machines 1825-1845                                                                          53
Timothy C. Coogan                                     

Aftermath of a Disaster: The Collapse of the Pemberton Mill                                   77
Clarisse A. Poirier

The Rise and Fall of Craft Unionism: Editor’s Note                                                  98
Kenneth Fones-Wolf

When Friends Fall Out: Charles Litchman and the Role of Personality in the
Knights of Labor  by Robert E. Weir                                                                    103

We are Freeborn American Women: The Persistent Politics of Native-Born,
New England Women as Nineteenth-Century Industrial Workers                              124
Mary H. Blewett                                             

Resistance, Reform, and Repression: Italian Immigrant Laborers in
Clinton, 1896-1906                                                                                           138
Jill Lepore

Worcester, Open Shop City: The National Metal Trades Association
and the Molders’ Strike of 1918-1920                                                                  168
Bruce Cohen

Maintaining Unions in a Worldwide Political Economy: Editor’s Note                           199
Kenneth Fones-Wolf              

Unions, Labor Markets, and Deindustrialization: The Holyoke Textile
Industry                                                                                                           207
William Hartford

The Long Strike: The Practice of Solidarity Among Boston’s
Packinghouse Workers                                                                                       233
Jim Bollen and Jim Green

The Fight Against Question Two: Craft Unions in the Political Arena,                    
1988                                                                                                               258
Mark Erlich