Mara DodgeDr. Mara Dodge, Editorial Director, has taught U.S. History at Westfield State University since 1999, where she is a full professor. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1997. For many years she coordinated the History Education program at WSU training middle and high school history teachers. She has taught at all grade levels from 3rd grade to high school, including teaching history classes within the Illinois prison system. Currently she teaches courses in Labor and Economic History, U.S. Women’s History, Civil Rights Movements, The Minority Experience, and Historical Research and Analysis.

Dr. Dodge’s areas of research and writing include labor history, women’s history, legal and constitutional history, and the history of crime and punishment. Her book, “Whores and Thieves of the Worst Kind”: Women, Crime, and Prisons, 1835-2000, received an outstanding book award and was republished in 2006. Currently her research focuses on the life of a Holyoke textile union leader, Anna B. Sullivan.

Dr. Dodge is responsible for all areas of journal production, including editing all articles, financial management, subscription database management, marketing, outreach to authors and book reviewers. She oversees the peer review process along with copyediting and issue design and lay-out. Finally, she supervises the many undergraduate interns, graduate assistant, and volunteers without whom HJM could not function.

She can be reached at

Joanne DespresJoanne Despres has served as HJM’s part-time copy editor and lay-out editor since 2015. She has a Ph.D. in Medieval English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania, a M.A. in English from New York University, and a B.A. in English from Trinity College. She is an editor with 30+ years’ experience. Since 1991 she has worked as an editor at Merriam-Webster, Inc. (Springfield, MA). Her chief responsibility as the senior dating editor is to research the first recorded occurrences of words in the English language. In addition, she edits articles and writes content for the Merriam-Webster website. She has also taught freshmen English at the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a copy editor for law book manuscripts. She can be reached at

Student Interns. Each semester 3-5 undergraduate students serve as interns. They receive training in many areas of journal production; their contributions are essential to our operation.

Graduate Assistant Jennifer Boyd serves as our indispensable editorial assistant and provides our main administrative support. She processes all subscriptions, maintains our subscriber database, handles correspondence with book reviewers and others, and assists with copyediting. (All this in 4-6 hours a week!)

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