2009-2010 Upcoming Articles

We are significantly expanding our offerings and hope to publish the following titles in 2009-2010. Each issue will now run approximately 150 pages and will contain five in-depth scholarly articles; one historical photo essay; 2-3 short excerpts or essays; and 6-8 book reviews (covering Massachusetts and New England history). Note: Not all have been confirmed; we receive new submissions on an on-going basis. As of 11//08 the following articles have been proposed and/or are under review:

Massachusetts Folk Art in the 21st Century: New Immigrants Redefine Tradition

The Maya in New Bedford: Creation of a Community

Take Me to the Brawl Game: Sports and Workers in Gilded Age Massachusetts

Searching for Descendents: Lewis Hine’s Child Labor Photos

Mrs. Elizabeth Townsend: An Unusual Mayoral Candidate (Holyoke, 1928)

“Won’t Be Home Again”: A Lynn Grocer’s Letters Home from the California Gold Rush

Black-Irish Relations in 19th Century Boston: The Case of Lawyer Robert Morris

“Don’t Smile for the Camera”: Expression in Early Photography (photo essay)

The Allen Sisters Transform Late 19th Century Photography  (photo essay)

Mr. & Mrs. Prince: The 1756 Marriage of Lucy Terry, First Known African-American
Poet, and Abijah Prince (Deerfield)

Building to a Revolution: The Powder Alarm and Popular Mobilization of the
New England Countryside, 1774-1775

Segregated Education and African-American Struggles in 19th Century Boston

The Reform of the Massachusetts Normal Schools, 1894-1914: Resistance at Westfield

Bringing University to the People: The Debate over a State University for Massachusetts, 1900-1947

“Weltering in their Own Blood”: Puritan Casualties in King Philip’s War

A Driving Tour of Boston’s Labor History Sites

Gentlemen and Scholars: Harvard History Department and the Path to Professionalization, 1920-1950

Virtuous Traitors: The Committees of Correspondence, Civic Virtue, and the Road
to Revolution in Colonial Boston

“Something Will Drop”: The Socialists, Unions and Trusts of Late 19th Century

The Strange Case of “Murder by Counseling”: An 1816 Suicide in Northampton, 

The Berkshire African-American Heritage Trail

Colonial Asheries and the Potash Industry: Change in the Land and the Exploitation
of America’s Hardwood Forests

Women and Massachusetts History. We are considering a special theme issue for Spring 2010. The following topics and titles may be included, among others:

Loyalist Women of Boston

Elizabeth Tappan Tannatt: Domesticating the West

Women, the Media, and Marathon Swimming in Boston, 1900-1936

’Militant Mothers’: Boston, Busing and the Bicentennial

The Experiences of Massachusetts Women in the Military