The Historical Journal of Massachusetts gratefully acknowledges support from the following individuals and institutions who have donated at least $50 to help preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Massachusetts. Since 1972, our patrons’ generosity has been critical to HJM’s development and growth. We thank them for their ongoing support. Many have contributed annually for a decade or more. We hope that you will consider joining them.

$300+ Sustainer                                                                                   
John J. Fitzgerald - Longmeadow, MA                           
Judith A. Webb - Newport, RI                                      

$100 - $199 Sponsor                                                                          
Richard D. Brown - Storrs, CT                             
John T. Cinella - Melrose, MA                         
Carl Ericson- Amherst, MA                        
Dana R. Farnham - Fargo, ND                             
Richard P. Gildrie - Clarksville, TN                                 
Barry Levy - Amherst, MA                        
Leo X. Lynch - Boston, MA                          
William F. McGuinness - Lynn, MA                              
Barbara Saraceno - Marblehead, MA                  
Stanislaus Skarzynski - Springfield, MA                   
Brewster Sturtevant - Longmeadow, MA

$50 - $99 Patron                                                                                   
Karin Baker - Florence, MA
Brian Burke, MD- Great Barrington, MA                     
Eugene V. Caille - North Brookfield, MA                      
Justyna M. Carlson - North Adams, MA                
Bruce Cohen - Worcester, MA                     
David Cohen - Greenfield, MA                    
Paul Cordeiro - Somerset, Ma                                   
Anita B. Danker - Framingham, MA                
Perry Davis - Holliston, MA                                   
Michael Downey - Peru, MA                              
Pat Duffy - Holyoke, MA                        
Donald R. Dwight - Lyme, NH                             
Chris Harris - Lexington, MA                                 
Rosa Johnston - Northfield, MA                                 
Polly W. Kaufman - Harpswell, ME                                 
Lawrence W. Kennedy - Clark’s Summit, PA            
Seth A. Kershner - Lee, MA                                
William Kornegay - Sunderland, MA                              
William Lamme & Robin Semer - Chicago, IL                                       
George LeBlanc - Southwick, MA                    
Kenneth M. Lemanski - Westfield, MA                                              
James H. Long - Topsfield, MA                                               
Stephanie Luce - Amherst, MA                        
John Lovejoy - Wilbraham, MA                    
Barbara MacEwan - Southwick, MA                                
J.A. Marshall - Wilbraham, MA                    
Edward C. Marth - Wyoming, RI                        
Andrew Martin - York, PA                               
Richard Miller - Shirley, MA              
W.Michael Ryan - Northampton, MA    
H. Dennis Sears - Sheffield, MA                       
Barbara Shaffer - Brimfield, MA                       
Herbert Shepard - Acton, MA                 
George A. Snook - Northampton, MA    
Jack Tager - Amherst, MA                        
Paul E. Teed - Midland, MI              



HJM would not exist without the very generous financial support of
Westfield State College and the WSC History Department.

The college has been especially generous during this time of financial crisis. Westfield State College underwrites 75% of our costs.

Patron list updated as of 3/15/10.