Westfield State University appoints Dr. Monique Lopez as registrar

Westfield State University has appointed Dr. Monique Lopez as its registrar, following a nationwide search of candidates.

Previously, Dr. Lopez held the position of assistant registrar and interim registrar, among other positions held in the Office of the Registrar. She has committed herself to the University community for nearly two decades, including 10 years as the assistant registrar.

During her time at Westfield State, Dr. Lopez has worked with students, faculty, and staff to consistently identify and alleviate issues affecting student success as well as monitoring and reviewing the registration process. She was additionally influential in the transition of the Division of Academic Affairs’ 25 departments to a four-college structure, from further implementation of technology and laying the foundation for the Degreeworks system, which uses and distributes transcripts electronically.

“Westfield State has had the good fortune to benefit from the experience and devotion of Dr. Lopez for nearly 20 years,” said Dean of Undergraduate Studies Christina Swaidan, Ed.D. “We look forward to her continued dedication to our students, faculty, and staff in her role as registrar.”

Dr. Lopez holds an Ed.D. in educational leadership from the University of Hartford as well as an M.S. in management from Cambridge College.

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