The University continues to be open and transparent in its communication related to the bias incidents. Click here to learn more about the University’s Bias Incident Response Team.


2009 Completed Projects

  • Parenzo Hall: Installed new roof and HVAC system.
  • Parenzo Hall: Renovated Dever Auditorium and Stage to include new theatrical lighting and control system, fire curtain, carpeting, and handicapped orchestra seating
  • Horace Mann Center: Installed new carpet and refinished marble accent flooring
  • Campus: Installed new Electronic LED signage on campus buildings for information and special programming


  • Power Plant: Installed new boiler controls on main boilers
  • Campus: Initiated $1,000,000 of upgrades to food service venues including construction of Pandini’s and Dunkin Donuts
  • Campus: Constructed new Western Avenue college identification lighted masonry columns.
  • Campus: Installed a new campus-wide wireless data network with IT Department
  • Conlin, Welsh, Seymour Halls: Installed new generator service.
  • Campus: Installed $54,000 of LED energy efficient lighting on campus
  • Juniper Park: Installed new generator and electric switch gear
  • Power Plant: Replaced 1/3 of main smoke stack asbestos insulation.
  • Westfield: Renovated Rinnova Building for use as campus art gallery in downtown
  • Ely Hall: Completed installation of new phone trunk lines to this building