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2010 Completed Projects

  • Parenzo Hall: Construction was completed on the Banacos Academic Achievement Center.  


  • Campus: Installed new fiber optic cable in ½ miles of campus conduit to provide new EMS wiring system for enhanced fire alarm services to campus buildings.
  • Campus: Installed new campus fire alarm notification system tied to Public Safety
  • Wilson and Bates Hall: Installed new security locks
  • Scanlon Hall: Completed $5,000,000 of renovations to Scanlon Lobby and bathrooms
  • Bates: Renovated room 113 for use as classroom
  • Courtney Hall: Retrofit and upgraded all windows
  • Horace Mann Center: Installed new signage at Western Ave
  • Dining Hall: Completed upgraded to fire alarm and suppression systems.
  • Ely Hall: Completed Accessibility Project including renovation and opening of new radio station, Arno Maris Gallery, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Department of Communications faculty offices and classrooms, new Mac Lab, editing suites, television studio, theater dressing rooms, lobby and main entrance areas. 


  • Ely Hall: Completed over $400,000 worth of repairs to swimming pool including filtration system, deck repairs, new lighting, structural repairs, plumbing and painting 
  • Ely: Installed new signage throughout building 
  • Campus: Replaced 150 feet of underground high pressure steam and condensate line, and replaced 60 feet of high pressure natural gas line.