Construction and paving work will soon begin to improve Ely Road and the adjacent parking lot behind the apartments on campus. Beginning July 9, the parking lot will be closed.


Western Avenue Construction

Week of June 23:

Due to gas line work, Lloyds Hill Road will likely be closed on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. Please plan accordingly.

Week of May 20:

On Thursday, May 23, water line work will take place on Western Avenue. Due to this work, the Scanlon Road entrance to the University will be closed. Faculty, staff, students, and visitors should plan on using the Parenzo Road entrance or others to access the campus on Thursday.

Week of April 28:

Please mark your calendars. Westfield State University will be hosting an informational meeting for the campus community on April 29 at 3:30 p.m. in the Owl’s Nest on the ground level of the Ely Campus Center. Project representatives from the City of Westfield and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, among others, will be present to present information about the project and to answer any questions members of the campus community may have regarding the project.

Week of April 14:

Construction will begin with the removal of marked trees along the sides of the road. The removals are estimated to take two weeks.

As part of the removal process, test pits will be dug to determine if the roots of trees in questionable locations along the construction zone will impact utility work. A series of other pits (maybe as many as 100) will be dug to confirm and correct drawings for locations of underground utilities. Some of the pits may be in the actual street. The duration of the pit digging is expected to last from one to two weeks.

A police detail will be on hand to manage traffic. 

Long-term Western Ave. construction to impact traffic to and from campus

This spring, a major, two-year construction project is slated for Western Ave., the road used to access and exit Westfield State University. The University has been informed that the City of Westfield will begin work in April. This project will likely have a significant impact on vehicular and pedestrian traffic involving University students, faculty, staff, and guests.

The extensive project will result in much-needed improvements and upgrades. During the first year of construction (2019) much of the work will revolve around utilities and drainage improvements; while the work in the second year (2020) will focus on improved, wider sidewalks and a new roadway.

Westfield State’s Facilities and Operations department attends regular construction meetings that convene every other week for this project. Facilities and Operations Staff Associate Andrew Montanaro serves as the University’s liaison with that group and attends all meetings.

While the University is able to participate in ongoing meetings, the project is being managed by the City of Westfield and the Department of Transportation.

Westfield State realizes that this project will inconvenience the full campus community. Collective patience will be necessary as the project begins and lasts over the two-year period. According to Montanaro, a website is currently being developed that will serve as the centralized location for information and updates on this project.

Updates and notices will also be shared regularly via University email and through social media. When construction begins, electronic signs near the construction site will also provide daily updates on impacts to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Look for more information on this project to be included in NewsWise, including a link to the project’s dedicated website.