Public Safety/University Police Staff

The Department is comprised of a Director/Chief , Captain, Lieutenants, University Police Officers, Institutional Security Officers (I.S.O.'s), Student Security Officers, Administrative Support Staff.

Tony Casciano,

University Police Supervisors:
Captain Michael Foyle,
Lieutenant Jeffrey Hastings,
Lieutenant Bernard St. George, 
Lieutenant Dario Camacho,

University Police Officers:
Officer Sean Coughlin,
Officer Jessica Farris,
Officer Rachel Foran, 
Officer Michael Jezak,
Officer Michael Hannaford, 
Officer Brian Kowal,
Officer Caitlin McCue,
Officer Tyler Moore,
Officer Peter Porra,
Officer Marissa Parmeggiani,
Officer Efrain Quinones,
Officer Daniel Stuck,

I.S.O. Supervisors:
I.S.O. James Florek

Patrol I.S.O.s:
I.S.O. William Lawlor

Residential Halls I.S.O.s:
I.S.O. Vincent Brown
I.S.O. Myrka Gilbreath
I.S.O. Maurice Jason
I.S.O. Teresa Swasey

Police Dispatchers:
Dispatcher Anthony Colacarro
Dispatcher William Willard

Administrative Support/Office Staff:
Office Manager, Lattoy McDowell, Staff Assistant,
Ellen Wojtowicz, Clerk IV,