Student Security

The Department of Public Safety employs and directs a Student Security unit made up of full time students from the University. Student Security Officers are used as observers, shuttle drivers, escorts, P/T dispatchers, event security, parkers at sporting events and to assist the university police.

The Student Security Unit includes:

  • 1 Chief
  • 1 Deputy Chief
  • 1 Supervisor assigned to Fleet/Operations
  • 1 Supervisor assigned to Training
  • 30-45 Student Security Officers

Student Security Officers have the opportunity to apply for any of the supervisory positions as those positions become available.

For more information on Student Security hiring visit our Public Safety Employment Opportunities or email:

Student Security Supervisors as of Fall, 2018

Rosario, Xavier - Chief
Ramos, Joshua - Deputy Chief

Marrone, Austin - Fleet/Operations Supervisor
Rosselli, Jason - Training Supervisor