Event Management Software (EMS) Instructions

Hello all faculty and staff,

Please allow these instructions to serve as an important reminder of the Event Management Software (EMS) reservation system, and the proper procedures for booking any space on the Westfield State University campus.  This email pertains to everyone who has or will use any location on campus.


All Faculty and staff have access to EMS for the purpose of reserving space on campus.  If you need assistance, please see your department administrative assistant first, as they can make reservations on your behalf. You may also call Event Management at x8276 for assistance. **You may not move a class for any reason without first contacting either the Registrar’s Office or DGCE (Graduate & Continuing Education) and Event Management.**

If you have never used EMS:  Please contact Event Management at x5580 directly to create an account.

To Make a Reservation:

  1. Go to westfield.ma.edu
  2. At the top of the main web page for WSU, click on “Request Space” (second column from the left).
  3. Enter your user ID (example: jsmith@westfield.ma.edu)
  4. Enter the password: webreq
  5. Click on Reservations, then Room Request
  6. Fill in the box on the left with the date, time, facility (location), and expected attendance number (TIP: avoid selecting availability filters as it will narrow the search for space too much and can cause difficulty).
  7. Click "Find Space"
  8. Available space will appear in the box in the center of the page.
  9. Select the desired location by clicking the green plus sign (+). If the room you are looking for does not appear on the list, it is NOT available.
  10. The room you selected will move to the top of the page, under the locations tab.
  11. Click the "Details" tab and fill in all of the information, listing details at TBA in NOT acceptable.
  12. Click "Submit Reservation"

To Search/Browse for Available Space:

  1. Go to westfield.ma.edu, and select Request Space
  2. Log in using your email address (example: jsmith@westfield.ma.edu) and the password you selected (webreq is the password unless you elected to change this option in your personal settings)
  3. Select "Browse"
  4. Select "Browse for Space"
  5. You can review available space on this page. (Space marked in yellow or gray are already in use. White space illustrates available space)

To View Your Request or Make Edits/Changes or cancellations:

All edits and changes must be completed weekly by Wednesday morning at 8:00 am. Weekly reports go out to service departments at this time. Any changes made after Wednesday at 8:00 am will NOT be included in the report!

  1. Select "Reservations"
  2. Select "View My Requests." All of your reservations will appear here.
  3. To Edit, Click on the event you wish to change. You may cancel the entire event, add or delete services in this area under the "Actions" tab. All changes require a 7 day notice.

Should you need to cancel an event, you may do so in EMS under your account. If you are cancelling an event with less than a 3-day notice, you MUST contact Event Management immediately at x8276.

You are responsible for contacting the service departments you have made requests of, (i.e., contact the appropriate building maintainer, media services, catering, sign shop, etc.) Please be advised, if you cancel an event after Facilities & Operations have prepared your function, your department MAY be charged.  Please contact Jim Rovezzi should you have any questions regarding set up charges.


Contact Catering at x5478 or email catering@westfield.ma.edu

Please remember that all food and beverage orders must be purchased through Westfield State Dining Services. External vendors are NOT permitted on campus unless there are compelling, extenuating circumstances that must be discussed in advance with Westfield State Dining Services and written permission is received. Requests for alcohol at your event requires a 45-day advance notice.

**NEW** Sign Charges

There is a $8.80 charge per large outdoor sign, these charges will be charged back to your department account by the copy center. ($1.62/sq.ft.).

Public Safety

If you are serving alcohol at your event, a public safety officer is required. There are NO exceptions.  (A minimum of 1 officer per 100 people.)  If you are bringing a guest speaker to campus, you must notify Public Safety in advance.

Specialty Rooms

  • 210 Conference Room, Kim Morgan x5400
  • 020 Conference Room, Barbara Hand x5429 or Kim Hosmer x8295 (room can be used and booked in EMS from 8am-3pm)
  • SGA Club room, Barbara Hand x5429 or Kim Hosmer x8295 (room can be used and booked in EMS from 8am -2pm)
Horace Mann Center
  • President’s Board Room, Joanne Leighton, Adele Gamelli or Linda Czupkiewicz x5201
  • New Hall Suite, Linda Czupkiewicz (x5201)
  • Finance Board Room, Antonina (Toni) Fox x8241
Parenzo Hall
  • Dever Stage, Ernie Iannaccone x8275  
  • VP Board Room, Lynette Konig x5213
  • Parenzo Gym, Louann Simchak x5417
University Hall            
  • Multi-purpose Room, Jessica Hufnagle x8053
  • Meeting Room A&B            
Woodward Center     
  • Athletic Area, Dick Lenfest x8221, Nancy Bals x5515, Bob Miele x8252, Michael Young x5405
  • Mahoney Conference Room, Susan Chiasson x5679

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