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Welcome to Event Management! 

Event Management’s main purpose is to produce large scale University events, as well as external facility rentals.  Event Management manages the only digital data base of all the academic classroom schedules, as well as athletics, extracurricular activities for students, faculty, staff, and external constituents.  Each week we provide the University’s service departments with the schedule of activities and reports compiled from our self-service event scheduling software, known as EMS (Event Management Software). 

Meet the Director

Joanne Bigelow

A graduate of Westfield State University with a BA in Communication, Joanne Bigelow has been working in the field of event management for more than 20 years throughout the United States.

Prior to becoming the Director of Event Management, Ms. Bigelow coordinated game-day operations for the NHL, NFL, and college basketball.  In addition, she coordinated a multitude of concerts, sporting events, conventions, competitions, and exhibitions for organizations including Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, Disney on Ice, Discover Card Stars on Ice, and U.S. Olympic gymnastics teams, just to name a few.

Most recently, Ms. Bigelow coordinated the WSU Presidential Speaker Series that included well known authors, politicians and entertainers such as, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Arlo Guthrie, Bowzer, Gloria Steinem, Danny Glover, Taylor Branch, Ralph Nadar, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Frank Rich, Daniel Pink, Michael Eric Dyson and many more.

If you have attended our distinguished speaker series, university galas, award ceremonies, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and building dedications you have seen her work first-hand.

Ms. Bigelow has been with Westfield State University since June of 2000 and enjoys every opportunity to engage our campus and the local community to celebrate the many accomplishments of Westfield State University and the City of Westfield.

Event Management Assistant

Mary-Lynne Cray

Mary-Lynne Cray came to Westfield State University with extensive knowledge of the catering industry.  Mary-Lynne serves as the assistant to both the Marketing & Communication Department and Event Management. Mary-Lynne can frequently be found on campus assisting with large-scale events.  Should you have any questions regarding your upcoming event, using our event scheduling software (EMS) or great ideas for menu suggestions, please feel free to call her at (413) 572-8276 or email her at mcray@westfield.ma.edu

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