Facilities & Operations Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whom do I call for emergency / after hours building problems?

After 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, or on weekends and holidays, please call Public Safety at 572-5262 for Academic or Athletic building issues.

If you are a student in a Resident Hall needing help with a building related issue, please call your RD for assistance. He/She should evaluate the scope and severity of the situation and then contact the proper person. A work order should be created, and some notation should be provided at the front desk of the effected building, outlining the room location when an employee is called in to respond.

Q.  How can I renovate some office, storage, or other space for my needs?

A document should be prepared outlining the space under consideration, an outline of the requested changes, reasons for the change and other pertinent information to the Department Chair and/or Vice President for approval and funding. This document should then be forwarded to Facilities and Operations. We will examine the project requested for building code issues, environmental or operational impact,  resource availability, and other related building concerns. When these have been satisfied, a Work Project and timetable will be created for project completion.

Q. How do I submit a Work Order for general repairs, set ups, moves, etc.?

Work Orders are now submitted electronically. The web site is: www.myschoolbuilding.com. You will need to call Facilities (Ext. 8018) for the correct account number and password for the first entry. After you are successfully
logged in, you may submit work orders as needed. Emergencies should be phoned in to Ext. 5278 during normal work hours. Call public Safety outside of normal work hours at Ext. 5262.

Q. Where do I park if I am a vendor or salesperson?

All vendors and salespersons should proceed to Public Safety (White House on Western Ave.) for the appropriate vehicle pass. An explanation of acceptable spaces will be provided.

Q. How do I fix a telephone problem?

Telephone problems are handled with a work order, or through Information Technology Services at Ext. 5582.

Q. Where would I request assistance with a computer problem?  

Staff and faculty computer issues may be addressed by the IT staff at their help desk (Ext. 4357).

Q. How do I acquire keys I need for my work?

Keys should be requested with an electronic Work Order and approved by the Department Head. Our locksmith will then manufacture the approved keys and deliver via the inter-department mail.

Q. How do I acquire signage for a special event? ..Or for permanent placement? What is  the school’s policy on posting signs?

A. If you are reserving a room for an event, indicate the signage requested on the Conference Services reservation form (on line). 

B. Signs for student/employee attended school events will be restricted to the building (exterior) hosting the event.

C. Requests for signs for events expecting public participation should be submitted to the Copy Center, providing at least a 10 day lead time. There is a maximum allowance of 3 signs per event.

D. If you are posting hand written/copied signs throughout the campus, use of bulletin boards and approved hallway areas are acceptable. Please do not post signs in stairwells or building entry areas as this is a violation of Fire codes.

E. Exterior electronic sign usage can be coordinated through the Campus Center, Ext. 5648.

F. Permanent room or name sign requests should be submitted to Facilities via the on line SchoolDude Work Order system.