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Human Resources Staff

Jalisa Williams
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Evelyn Soucie



Evie Soucie
Human Resources

  • Human Resource policies and procedures
  • APA and AFSCME collective bargaining agreement administration
  • Grievance-Human Resources steps for AFSCME and APA
  • Employee recruitment, training and development
  • Classified reallocation process

Tina Bonés

Tina Bonés
Benefits Manager, Human Resources

  • Health, dental and life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Family and medical leave
  • Disability insurance
  • New employee orientation 
  • Worker’s Compensation

Tina Langevin

Tina Langevin
Staff Assistant, Human Resources

  •  Administrative support for Human Resources Assistant Vice President
  • Position management
  • Contract administration assistance (AFSCME/APA/MSCA)
  • Employee immigration
  • CORI background checks
  • Human Resource internal controls
  • AFSCME/APA grievance assistance 

Michele Lyons
Administrative Assistant II, Human Resources

  • Employee evaluations
  • Tuition waivers
  • Employee event logistics
  • COMECC campaign manager
  • SERV program coordinator
  • Liaison to Staff Emeriti committee
  • Online application support
  • University organization charts
  • AFSCME professional development

Mary Ann Roussi

Mary Ann Roussi
Staff Assistant, Human Resources 

  • Job vacancy posting and advertising
  • Search committee support
  • Employee training and development
  • State Ethics training oversight
  • Job description assistance
  • Portal and website maintenance
  • Human Resource newsletter