Honor Roll of Donors

The Westfield State Foundation, Inc. recognizes our donors for their contributions in Fiscal Year 2019. Our students benefit greatly from your generosity and will continue to have an exceptional experience that extends to the classroom and beyond. Thank you for your unending support. Go Owls!


+ The Davis-Bates Society, representing our faithful and loyal donors who have contributed consecutively for the past 3 years or more.

Anonymous (53)

1839 Society ($25,000 and higher) 

James Angell
Joan Corell+
Gerald Davis
Lawrence Gwozdz '69+
James '98 and Joanne Parker+
Victor and Mariellen Quillard
The Howard, Jane, and Carol Robbins Family Memorial Trust+
Westfield Bank+

University Circle ($10,000 - $24,999) 

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.+
Baystate Health
Baystate Noble Hospital+
Bottling Group LLC+
Thomas Convery '78+
Perry '71 and Paula Davis '73+
Fidelity Charitable+
Kevin '70 and Barbara Queenin '70+
Specialty Bolt & Screw, Inc.+
Springfield School Volunteers
The Washington Center for Internships & Academic Seminars+

Trustees Circle ($5,000 - $9,999) 

Grateful Alumnus
Bacon Wilson, P.C.
Boise Cascade Distribution Center
Chicopee Savings Charitable Foundation+
Comcast Cable Communications, LLC+
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Peter '80 and Cynthia Davenport+
Diocese of Springfield
Festivals of Music+
Eric Jones '09
Robert and Elaine Martin+
Michael '90 and Eileen Rockwal '91+
Michael and Nancy Stolpinski+
Student Government Association+
Wealth Management
Westfield Electroplating Company

Dickinson Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

James '84 and Lisa Birge+
College Hype Custom Screenprinting & Embroidery+
John and Sharon Davies+
Estate of John Dean
Dunkin' Donuts+
Mark and Elaine Edstrom+
John '79 and Claire Gilbert+
Goya Foods, Inc.
Hi-Tech Window & Siding Installation, Inc.+
Kane Scrap Iron & Metal, Inc.+
Lambert & Pryor Insurance Agency, Inc.+
Mark '85 and Mary Lambert '86+
Mary '70 and Joseph Larrivee
Learfield Licensing Partners
Lisa and Thomas McMahon+
Kelli Nielsen '04 and Katheryn Bradford+
Oleksak Lumber Company, Inc.+
Andrew '69 and Modwyn Oleksak+
Romolo Rottura
Stop & Shop
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The Westfield Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.+
Ramon Torrecilha and Randy Stone+
UBS Financial Services Inc.
West Central Family & Counseling LTD and NE Geriatrics+
Whalley Computer Associates, Inc.+

Scanlon Circle ($1,000 - $2,499)

Agawam Rotary Club, Inc.
Arbella Insurance Foundation, Inc.+
Ashley Zolenski '05+
Barbara Braem-Jensen and Robert Jensen+
Carlton Pickron and Lisa Coletta-Pickron '86+
CDM Smith Inc.+
Cengage Learning Inc.
Charles Casartello and Carol Kantany-Casartello
Comark Communications LLC
D.A. Sullivan & Sons, Inc.
Daniel '16 and Rosalie Forster '95
Daniel '82 and Karen O'Connor '82
Daniel and Katherine Dunn
Deborah '01 and David Lovejoy
Diane Prusank and Robert Duran+
Dominick '74 and Sandra Blasioli '77
Donald '89 and Janice Humason '89+
Edward and Amy Sullivan+
Elizabeth Scheibel and Paul Boudreau+
Elm Electrical, Inc.
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Erica Broman and Christopher Millette+
Frederick and Carol Woodward+
Galina Gertsenzon
Gerard and Alice Joan Gravel '89+
Graybar Electric Company
James '77 and Linda Peters
James and Megan Krupienski
James C. Hagan, Sr. '84 and Kristen Hagan+
James Duffy '85
Jeffrey White '79
Jennifer Hixon+
Joyce '76 and Gerardo Forte
Linda Slakey+
Lolly '88 and D. Jeffrey Templeton+
Lydia Martinez '86 and Rafael Alvarez
Lyndsey Nunes
Marcia Sanford+
Mark Aldam '85
Melissa '99 and Sergio Alvarado '99
Mestek, Inc.
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
Minuteman Security Technologies, Inc.
Paul Coombs '93
Pleasant Street Market
Polish National Credit Union
Preferred Freezer Services, LLC
R. Levesque Associates, Inc.+
Reverend Warren J. Savage+
Robert '81 and Kristine Sullivan '77
Robert and Ann Goyette+
Robert and Lesley Burke
Robert and Roslyn Brown
Robert Mahar '56+
Rubin and Rudman LLP+
Russell Hammond '73+
Russell Winchester '82
Sage Engineering & Contracting, Inc.
Sheridan '65 and Eileen Carey+
Stephen Taksar and Laure Morris+
Streamfield LLC+
Susan '64 and John Greaney H'80+
Susan Leggett and Dennis Robinson+
Sylvia Abar '71, '75+
Tata & Howard, Inc.+
Tavern Restaurant Westfield, Inc.+
The Cape Cod Foundation
Tighe & Bond+
Todd and Robin Jensen
University of Massachusetts
Westwood Restaurant & Pub+
William '78 and Sheila Chase
William and Nancy Sandidge
William Stroud II and Rev. Nancy Webb Stroud
William T. Hogan, III '77 and Susan Hogan
Woodard & Curran+

President’s Circle ($500 - $999)

A. Fred Giard
Alan Pierce '94
Alyssa Goodreau '12+
Amaral Soccer
Andrea Pianka '10
AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
Bernadette Jemiolo
BHN The Carson Center
Brian Sutton and Cheryl Santagate-Sutton+
BSN Sports
David Fried
David Laing+
Deborah Keefe '70
Deborah Kline '83+
Dennis Nolan, Sr.+
Diane Mastandrea '77+
Easthampton Savings Bank Foundation, Inc.
Elizabeth Hennessy '87+
Evan Moorhouse '16
Francis '73 and Kathleen Friguglietti '77+
Gregory Brown '16
Heather Clark
Iron Workers Union Local 7
Jack Mosko '78+
James Johnson
James P. Blascak, Jr.
Jennifer Holdsworth
John '75 and Ermelinda Morizio+
John Rogers and Mary Beth Elliot
Josephine Rodriguez
Joyce Vynalek+
Juline Mills
Kathleen Witalisz
Keith and Ann Hollingworth
Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.
Laura Donald
Linda Nober+
Lynne '87 and Timothy Menzie '87+
Marnie Dacko
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.+
Marsha and Edward Marotta+
Mary Boscher+
Matthew '85 and Kristine Richard '93
Maura and John Marczewski
Meredith MacNeill '64
Michael '10 and Darcy Young
Michael '75 and Barbara Beard+
Michael O'Rourke '73+
Nancy Daly '90+
O'Connor & Drew, P.C.
OMG, Inc.+
Patricia and James Byrnes
Reverend Barbara B. Hesse
Richard '03 and Alexandra Sutter+
Richard Pierce and Mary Ann Fernandez+
Robert '61 and Joan Piper '61+
Robert Cullen
Robert Mack '98
Scott '80 and Dawn Anderson
Scott Gowen '84+
Summit Careers Inc.
Susan and Gary LaMontagne+
The Baupost Group, LLC+
Todd and Denise Ditmar+
Uaaree Matsuda
Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Westfield Chamber of Commerce+
William Freeman
William Husic Jr.
Witch Enterprises Inc.+

Westfield Society ($250 - $499)

Albert Masciadrelli+
Allied Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Antwain Hunter '07+
Braman Chemical Enterprises, Inc.
Brian '12 and Kathy Lanciault+
Brianne Zulkiewicz
Carlos Ortiz-Longo and Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz
Carol Lewis Edelman '85+
Charles '72 and Denise Crowley '73
Cheryl and Michelle Lee Scecina+
Christopher Spicer '09
Church of the Atonement
Colleen Murphy '11+
Committee to Elect Brian Sullivan+
David and Doris Sparko+
David Caspole '94+
Desiree DeSanctis
Donald Freedman '95+
Edward '67 and Sandra Marth '67+
Emily Gibbings '96+
EOS Approach LLC
Floyd Field, Jr. '74+
Franklin '75 and Sharon Schutt '74+
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program+
George '02 and Emily Woodward
George and Yolanda Flevotomos+
Glen '88 and Cherie McKenna+
Gregory Sanocki+
Historic Northampton
James and Stella Huffmire+
Jane Curtin '82+
Jill Iacono Mavro '94
Joanne '91 and John Murphy
Joanne Bigelow '95+
John and Celia Gagnon+
Joseph and Kathleen Pellegrino+
Kaitlin Badjo '11+
Karen Small
Katherine O'Brien '77+
Kathryn '70 and Frederick Kareta+
Keegan Capital, LLC
Kenneth '71 and Jane Magarian '76
Kenneth Preston '84
Kermit and Jean Eaton
Lawrence '74 and Barbara Lajoie+
Lemart Tyler
Lena Madigan
Leonard '59 and Joanne Melanson '59
Leprechaun Plunge
Louann D'Angelo
Madeleine Cahill+
Makenze Felty '22
Marcia Scanlon
Martin Fahey
Mary Louise '92 and Stephen Hoyt
Matthew Whitcomb '82+
Michelle Pescetta '04
Mythics, Inc.
Nancy Bals and William Miller+
Nancy Roach '80 and William Sullivan
Patricia and Thomas Paul
Patricia Hutchison+
Paul Jozefczyk
Paul Nesbit '84+
Paula '86 and William Scherpa
Prabodh and Mina Reshamwala
Rebecca Sherer+
Richard P. Lenfest, Jr. and Joanna Lenfest+
Robert '76 and Marsha Kallstrom+
Robert Bristow+
Robert Grandfield '79+
Ronald Sicotte+
Ross, Webber & Grinnell Insurance+
Serena Fuller
Sharon '98 and Brian Moore+
Shirley Dinkel
Stephanie Marglin
Susan '71 and Martin Gauthier+
Terrell M. Hill '92 and Charmaine Bradshaw-Hill+
Thaisa Hanson '96
Thomas '74 and Pamela Daviau
Thomas Gardner+
Thomas Raffensperger
Tilia Fantasia+
Tina Langevin+
Todd and Kathleen Hutchison
Tricia and Matthew Oliver+
Union Crossing Realty
Victoria Landry '15+
Warren Hansen '02+
William '53 and Carol Miller
Witalisz & Associates, Inc.

Century Club ($100 - $249)

Aaron Childs '99+
Adrene '83 and Douglas Adams
Adrienne Francis '10+
Alain Akasa '08
Alan-Michael Chest '11
Alex Masel '79+
Alfred Estabrook '88+
Alfred Jr. '67 and Theresa Picard
Alvin Allen '05
Amanda Hanlin-Hochler '04
Amy Banasiewicz
Andrea Bertini '96 and Diana Schwartz
Andrea Jones '85
Andrea O'Brien '13
Andre's On The Common
Andrew Pereira '10
Ann McDonald '84+
Ann Moriarty '69
Anna Chen
Anne and Harry Rock+
Anne O'Connor
April Messenger '89 and Joseph Pagnoni
Arin Langan-Wytas
Audrey Antosz+
Audrey Martin '61
Barbara Cocci '79+
Barbara Daubitz '89
Barbara Nowak '77
Barbara Poole '78
Barbara Rejniak '79+
Barbara Sabadosa '01+
Bernard '68 and Mary Dupuis '68+
Beverly '66 and John Lambert
Beverly Convery+
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Westfield
Bradford '85 and Maureen Clark
Brenda Ripp '79+
Brewster Sturtevant
Brian '90 and Kerry Ann Gover+
Brian Burke
Brian Leonard
Bruce '73 and Nancy Collina '73+
Bruce '74 and Joan Knight+
Bruce MacLeod '72
Carl '68 and Audrey Ostrowski '66, '73+
Carl Ericson+
Carol Robinson '56+
Carolyn Thompson
Carreen Callahan '64
Charles '58 and Joan Desmarais+
Charles Arning
Charles Wiegersma '96
Cheryl '71 and Sheldon Faunce+
Cheryl Stanley
Christopher '99 and Margaret Streeter
Christopher Koumentakos
Christopher Raymond+
Christopher Scanlon, Sr. '72+
Claire '67 and William Rousseau
Clinical Social Workers Association Inc.
Colleen '70 and Richard Carpenter '68+
Communications Department
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Springfield
Connor Buckley '13
Corinne Ebbs
D. Paul '75 and Ann Kousch
Dale Brennan '71+
Daniel '79 and Nancy Lunden
Daniel Armany
Daniel Smith
Darlene O'Connor '76
Daune '70 and Thomas Marinis+
David '76 and Monica Gelinas '76+
David '78 and Ann Clivio
David and Holly Amanti+
David Balardini '89
David Bashaw+
David Bevan
David Billups
David Doe
Dean '85 and Valerie Boudreau '85
Deborah Morrison '76
Denise Drapeau '73+
Denise Noland
Diana Cares '00+
Diana Kleindienst '68
Diane Korza '71+
Dianne '75 and Edward Arnold+
Dino Innarelli '15+
Dixie Price '91
Donald '93 and Judith Evans+
Donald Jourdian '86 and Wendy Taylor-Jordian+
Donna Denoncourt '87
Donna Heinz '81+
Dorothy '68 and Clement Deschenes+
Dulce Pimentel-Rodriguez
Dunn & Phillips, P.C.
Elaine Holdsworth
Elinore '69 and Bryan Gordon
Elizabeth '95 and John Whitehead+
Ella Marker
Ellen '74 and Stephen Souza+
Ellen Moriarty '64
Emily Todd+
Eric '16 and Bonnie Hanson
Eric and Shannon Overdahl
Flaherty Roofing/Construction
Francis and Clare McLaughlin
Francis and Cynthia Coffey
Frank and Paula Martin
Frank Vallarelli '78
Fritz Schmidt
Gabriel Crane '05
Gail Arnold '79
Gail Courtney
Gail Healey '85
Gary '76 and Mary Fisher '75
Gary Olszewski & Company, PC+
George '60 and Mildred Counter+
Gerald '63 and Barbara Cove '63
Gerald '69 and Betty-Lou Griffin+
Gertrude Encarnacao '67+
Gilles '02 and Anne Turcotte
Gregory '72 and Linda Little '72+
Gregory and Carol DeBlois+
Gregory Degermajian '10+
Gregory Long '92
Griffin's, Inc.+
Gwyneth '49 and Robert Cox
Harold Sears
Harry Salvo
Hector Gomes '82
Heidi Potvin
Helen Light
Holly Noun+
Holly Wheeler '86+
Hot Table, LLC
Humilia '61 and Francis Gougeon
Irma Garcia-Zingarelli '86
Isa Moultrie '84+
Isabelina Rodriguez '85+
J. Brian '84 and Anne Foley
Jacob Bashaw+
James '69 and Bonnie McCarthy
James '72 and Michele Pietras '73+
James '93 and Jennifer Schwab+
James '99 and Eileen Leahy+
James French
James O'Brien
Jan Lessin, Jr. '64+
Jane and Victor Champagne
Janet '65 and John Shostak+
Janet '83 and Carlos Garcia+
Janet Belliveau
Jason '08 and Jenna Bean '01
Jason '97 and Jennifer Laber '99
Jay Paglucia
Jean and Merle Beal+
Jean Healy '50+
Jean Trader+
Jeffrey Kosiorek '92
Jeffrey Moy
Jeffrey Pechulis+
Jennifer Desimone '90
Jennifer McMahon
Jerry and Elizabeth Hadjah
Joanne '59 and Edward Parsons '62+
Jo-Anne and Adrien Lemenager
Joanne Leighton+
John '63 and Denise Quinn+
John '63 and Joanne Coach '62+
John '85 and Rosemarie Aho
John and Pauline Bertini+
John Anz
John Bonafilia
John Dempsey+
John Fitzgerald
John Gevrekakis
John Lynch '77
John Miniter+
John O'Reilly
John Paulmann
John S. Lane & Son, Inc.+
Jon and Elizabeth Dierksheide
Jonathan and Cheryl Fallon
Joseph '77 and Jennie McGiverin
Joseph '85 and Susan Richards '84
Joseph and Wilma Pappalardo '90
Joseph Braico '97
Joseph Frantiska, Jr. '79
Joseph Melone
Joseph O'Brien
Joshua Clark '15+
Juan Gonzalez '14
Judith '65 and Robert Muir+
Judith '74 and Stephen Clini+
Judith Webb
Julie Phillips+
Junior '02 and Jennifer Delgado '00+
Kara and Douglas Mercier+
Karen Murphy '73 and James Cranston
Karen Whiteley '66+
Katherine Sylvain '09+
Kathleen '08 and Michael Knapik+
Kathleen Doody
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathryn Goodale
Kathryn Stanne+
Kelly '97 and James Hosey
Kelly Hart+
Kenneth and Marcia Haar+
Kevin '10 and Megan Loftus '08
Kevin '80 and Kathleen Moore '80
Kevin Harrington+
Kevin Lewis '93+
Kevin McCarthy
Kim '79 and Kathleen Molony Shea
Kimberly Miller+
Larry '72 and Janine Tully '74+
Laurie '74 and J. Scott Clark
Lawrence and Judith Kennedy
Lee Connolly-Weill '75 and Norman Weill
Leonard Comeau '83
Linda '62 and Kenneth Slowik
Linda '82 and John Panetta
Lisa Karol
Lois '78 and Edward Kelly
Lois Krushinsky '61+
Lois Lenehan '92+
Lori '83 and Thomas Cooney
Lori Hough '89
Lorraine '58 and Joseph Tousignant+
Lynn Shelley
Maggie Kane
Manouchka Jacques '03
Mara Dodge+
Marc Savage
Marcia '79 and Stephen Estelle '79+
Margaret '91 and William Goggins+
Margaret Healy '57+
Maria Gagnon
Marita '85 and Wayne Zifcak+
Mark '78 and Michelle Fournier+
Mark Carrasquillo '04+
Mark Forrand '85
Mark Fournier
Mark Pananos '77+
Martha '70 and William Maher
Mary '96 and Shant Sarkeesian
Mary and Richard Pigott
Mary Ann and Dan Clawson
Mary Ann McSweeny
Mary Hogan
Mary Keator
Mary O'Neil '65
Mary Romeu
Maryann and Kevin Scott
Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Assoc. Inc.
Matthew Barry '13
Matthew Kelly '14
Maureen Dunphy '71+
Maureen McCartney and L. Michael McCarthy+
Maureen Scholl '81
Michael '70 and Shannon Fitzpatrick
Michael '76 and Pamela Perry '76+
Michael Curtis '97 and Mary Kaeding
Michael Kelly '99
Michael Mazeika '07+
Michael Stone
Michael Zuccala '86+
Michelle LeDoux
Mitch and Jaden Rogers
Nancy '51 and Donald Barry+
Nancy '77 and Gerard LaVarnway
Nancy Coe McLane
Nancy English '59
Nancy Falcone
Nancy Naftulin+
Nathanial and Cornelia Bashaw+
Network For Good
Nicholas '11 and Kathryn Levesque '09+
Norma Turcotte '82+
Norman Muller '76+
Park Square Realty
Patricia Borkowski '85
Patricia Faginski '97
Patricia Fortier '68+
Patricia Hanrahan '75+
Patricia Humphreys '55
Patricia McMahon '61+
Patricia Morano '87+
Patricia Romanello
Patricia Schwartz
Patrick '90 and Maura Donoghue
Patrick Carpenter+
Patrick Litano '70+
Paul and Josephine Sears
Paul Goulet
Paul Mengel '69+
Paula Bettano Everts '82
Peter '90 and Monica Fett
Peter '95 and Lisa Clark '12+
Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc.
Peter Szarka
Peter Vose '66
Philip Hotchkiss
Philip Zampini
Priscilla Haskins '84
R. Eric Krepfle '85+
Raindog, LLC
Ralph Barry, Jr. '79+
Randolph Blake
Rapid Record Retrieval Inc.
Raymond '69 and Marsha Glynn
Rebecca and Chris Keys
Regina '80 and Daniel Buckley '81+
Rhonda Jacobs '87
Richard '64 and Paula Cunningham '64+
Richard '65 and Emma Jane Carnes
Richard '78 and Leanna Caroselli
Richard '85 and Margaret Sheehan '85
Richard and Irene Brown
Richard Baer
Richard Bourbeau '57+
Richard Feller '72
Richard Giroux '93
Richard Joseph '68+
Richard S. Hart, III
Richard Wysocki
Ricky's Porta-Pottys, Inc.
Riva F. Marker and Erica Freed Marker
Robert '74 and Nancy O'Connor+
Robert '75 and Claire Berriman '76
Robert '76 and Sandra Mohr+
Robert and Jody Dewey
Robert and Peggy Magovern+
Robert Forrant
Robert Green, Jr.
Robert Mayo '78
Robert Nolan
Robert Rausch
Robert Verdolino '80+
Robin White+
Roger and Constance Barre
Roger Gove, Jr. '91+
Russell Bosbach '80 and Nancy Tarquinio+
Ruth Aborjaily
S. Chad '78 and Diana LeSage '80
Sarah Baldwin '97
Sarah Cormier '02
Sarah Tomas+
Scott and Janice FitzGerald
Scott Guthery
Scott Torpey '86+
Shirley Hugot
Siddharth Lodaya
Simone Backstedt
Stadium System, Inc.
State Street Global Services
Stephen '65 and Carol Rogers
Stephen and Suzanna Adams+
Stephen Barrett '77
Stephen Jr. '82 and Karen Mangine+
Stephen Marino '99 and Kim Paul-Marino
Stephen Perry '77+
Steven Draghetti '77+
Steven Finkel '78
Steven Mailloux '14+
Susan '67 and Charles Caldes
Susan '71 and Philip Smith+
Susan Chavis
Susan Oberlander '68+
Susan Tapases
Susan Van Sweden '79
Suzanne Love
Tammie Payette '83+
Tammy Bringaze+
Teresa '10 and Timothy Harris+
Theresa '83 and Carlton Soohoo
Theresa Blanchard
Thomas '90 and Eileen Heffernan '91
Thomas and Mary Beth Roscoe
Thomas'76 and Marguerite Foley '76
Timothy '78 and Sheila Sicard '79+
Timothy '92 and Kristen Brillo+
Timothy Brennan+
Timothy Rooke
Timothy Sr. '84 and Maruann Alben
Tina Varzeas '99
Tony Casciano+
Tracey '82 and Richard Carlson
Tracy Waz+
T'Tanya Pitt '82
Vanessa and Daniel Diana+
Victor '90 and Mary DeAngelo
Vincent '80 and Mary-Lynne Aurilio '81
Virginia Ahart '76+
Wade Austin
Wallace G. Jr. '95 and Irene Morrison +
Wayne '72 and Patty Dimetres+
William '73 and Elizabeth Hackenson+
William '74 and Elaine Devine '76+
William '75 and Susan Weber '76+
William and Ethel Farrington
William Bray '62+
William Condon '82
William Dendor '72

Gifts up to $99

Abigail '85 and Mark Alves '85
Adam Manchester '01
Addison Plante '15
Adel Fauzetdinova
Adele Vynalek
Adelia Bardwell '62
Aimee Fotino
Alanna Burwell '10
Aleksandr Vlasenko '11
Alessa Foley '17
Alexander '63 and Judith Nardacci+
Alexander Barranco '11+
Alexis Wagner '14
Alice Knapik '59+
Aline Bowen '74+
Allan Ardito
Allan Streeter '72+
Allen Beiling '74
Allison Ruby '15
Amanda Canale '16
Amber Pettell '15
Amy Brown
Amy Drover
Amy Fisher
Amy Harper
Amy Lefebvre '10
Amy Platt '98+
Ana Martinez
Ana Nunez
Andrea Joseph '05
Andrew Lee '92
Angela Marsh
Angela Santos
Anita Wysocki '80+
Ann Drinkwine '65+
Ann Marie Tlumacki '75
Anna Uliana '72
Annalise St. Marie '19
Anne Bergeron '12+
Anne Jensen '59
Anne Liese '71+
Anne Lund
Anne Marie '75 and J. Michael Vittoria
Anthony Archidiacono '77+
Ardelle Gile '65
Ariana Roche '15
Arielle Cohen '13
Art Demas
Arthur Apostolou '99
Ashley Eaton '13+
Ashley Monty '04
Associated Building Wreckers, Inc.
Audrey Newcomb
Barbara '56 and Robert Powers
Barbara '63 and James Wachala
Barbara '65 and Larry Rich
Barbara '74 and Robert St. Lawrence+
Barbara '75 and John Kendrick
Barbara '76 and David Norton
Barbara '80 and Daniel Roberge
Barbara Connelly
Barbara Davis '93
Barbara Fontecchio '69+
Barbara Hodgdon '65
Barbara Laffert
Barbara Messier '89
Barbara O'Connor '49
Bartley Parker '92
Basil '86 and Carol Ann Maurice+
Beatrice Matos
Bernard '58 and Muriel Pellissier '58+
Bertram Miller, Jr. '86
Beth Harding
Beth Rothermel and Michael Young+
Beverly Lanoie
Beverly Pina '74
Brandon Burr '13
Brenda '97 and Christopher Olinski
Brenda Flood
Brenda Haring
Brendan Bisbee '00
Brent Bean '07 and Tara Bean
Breyana Roman '09
Brian '00 and Melissa Grzelak '99
Brian Lynch
Brian Maxfield
Brittney Marte '17
Bruce and Lori Higgins
Bruce Cohen+
Bruce Raffe '93
Bruce Teague
Bryan Dunn '14
Caitlin Burgess '10+
Caitlin Scott-Deleskey
Cameron Davis '88
Cara Ferrara-Ingraham '96
Carl Ohlin '65+
Carleton Brown '85
Carmelo Solivan '15
Carol '62 and John Gamberoni+
Carol '79 and William O'Leary '93+
Carol Beaudry
Carol Harris
Carol LaPolice '06+
Carol Owen
Carol Tanczos '62+
Carole Hunt '62
Carole Johnson
Caroline Kava '83
Carolyn Connelly '65
Carolyn Grochmal '72+
Carolyn Houle '18
Carolyn Swinerton '61
Carrie '02 and John-Paul Gallagher '02
Casandra Gore '14+
Cassondra Gendron '05
Catherine '90 and Eric Johnson
Catherine '93 and Stephen Motta
Catherine Buoniconti
Catherine Lamoureux '68
Catherine Murray '82+
Catherine Wardwell '04+
Celine Hamilton Quill
Charles '74 and Donna Baumann+
Cheryl Cobb
Cheryl Messer-Lusty '14
Cheryl Moynahan
Cheryl Vieira '08+
Chester Degray '97 and Janet Williams
Chester Jr. '69 and Roberta Stencel+
Cheyenne Plante '17
Christina Dymek-Thompson '73 and Daniel Thompson
Christine '69 and Edward Petravicz+
Christine '73 and John Yagodzinski+
Christine '74 and Robert LaLond
Christine Dion
Christine Gorman
Christine Nolan '73+
Christopher '85 and Lisa Swan+
Christopher and Carmel Steger
Christopher and Tracey Richards
Christopher Lapointe '03
Christopher Meaney '79
Christopher Rooney '93
Cindy Lacoste
Claire '70 and Robert Hotchkiss+
Claire '90 and Scott Howe '89+
Clifford McCarthy
Colin Harrington '97
Connie Moser
Constance Chapman '53+
Constance DiPanfilo
Cornelius and Alica Spears
Craig Deyo
Cynthia '13 and David Climo
Cynthia '91 and William Rosendale
Cynthia Switzer
Dale Fee
Damon Cheverette '66 and Kathleen Troisi-Cheverette
Dana Farnham '92
Daniel Hartman
Daniel Jr. '02 and Gladys Fallon
Daniel Letteriello '14
Daniel Raposo
Daniel Sheehan '88 and Sandra Sheehan
Danielle Casey '10
David '78 and Karen Ranen
David and Paula Dehetre
David Blaze
David Cohen
David Gunn
David Hrycay '89+
David Jacek '77+
David Lopez '13
David Noonan '65
David Smigiel '73+
David Tenney '76
David Wojcik '70+
Dawn Goodwin '86+
Deborah Cook
Deborah Gartland '78 and Walter Cruickshank
Deborah Langille
Debra Cole
Denise and Daniel Lemenager
Denise Dalton
Dennis Guerri '70+
Dennis Rogers '77
Derwin Frank '96
Devin Streeter '11
Dexter Laumeister
Diana McLean '84+
Diana Shepherd
Diane Murphy
Dominic '85 and Liliane Dermine
Dominique Chapman '06
Don Savoia '96+
Donald 79 and Grace Hooton
Donald '82 and Helen Lennon+
Donna '79 and Richard McCarthy+
Donna '84 and Anthony Gocha+
Donna '90 and Richard Doiron'94+
Donna Carroll
Dorothy '73 and James Lucey+
Dorothy Fall '76
Dorothy Mayville
Douglas '80 and Helen Arnold
Douglas Cutter '92
Douglas Davies, Jr. '70+
Douglas Fellows
Douglas Stefancik '95+
E. Stuart Peoples+
E. Virginia Hebert '82
Ebsco Industries, Inc.
Edward '67 and Deborah Drozdowski
Edward '86 and Marilyn Wysocki '61
Edward and Susan Bielmeier
Edward Deveau '78+
Edward Goddard '74+
Edwin Strode Jr.
Eileen '70 and Frederick Doherty '70
Eileen '80 and Charles Verner+
Eileen Flannery '82
Eileen Sullivan '88+
Eileen Zymroz '08
Elaine '77 and Robert Chagnon+
Elaine '89 and Dennis Conway '91+
Elizabeth '64 and John Murch
Elizabeth Clements '75
Elizabeth Loiko
Elizabeth Maus '82+
Elizabeth O'Neil '84
Elizabeth Rowbotham
Elizabeth Stack '10
Elizabeth Teahan-Zielinski
Ellen '59 and Ralph Rechenberger+
Ellen '65 and Eugene Ford
Ellen Cash '76
Ellen Nasiatka '05
Ellen Onofrey '55+
Emily Sanchez '07
Eric '88 and Karen Martin
Eric Johnson
Erin Deveno
Ethan Slavin '03
Eva Kernan '15
Evelyn Dina '16+
Everett Decker, Jr. '96
Fariba Houman
Faye '76 and Mark Lessner
Fernand '73 and Barbara Auclair '73
Frances '62 and F.P. Kapinos
Frances Frederick '04
Frances Popko '73+
Francesca Harris '00
Francine '73 and William Aloisa+
Francis Murphy
Frank and Rose Trippi
Frank and Susan Strom
Frank Giuliano
Franklin McLaren, Jr. '78+
Frederick and Sheila Souza
Garrett Ford '98+
Garry '78 and Doreen Beard
Gary '03 and Mary Wallace+
Gary Gorman
Gary Reynolds, II '10
Gayle '73 and Peter DiChiara
Gayle '75 and Joseph Carvalho '75
Gayle Begley '09
Gayle Garlick
Gene Devine '59
George '54 and Elizabeth Hines+
George '67 and Caroline Wailgum '59+
George Alvarez '10
George Ammirato, Jr. '89
George Demambro
George III '55 and Ellen Freeman+
George Ramirez '98
Georgia Keefe '65+
Gerald McPeak '01+
Gerald Orlen '70+
Gilda '70 and Joseph Twomey+
Gina Martin '88
Glenn Daluz '03
Goopeel Chung
Gregory and Colleen Campoli
Gregory Gallivan, Jr. '15
Halbert '79 and O'Rita Swan '79 '83
Hatfield Historical Society
Helen Kapinos '65+
Helen Woznakewicz '80+
Herbert Sagendorph '91+
Hilary Caws-Elwitt
Hillary McEwan
Holly Robbins+
Homer Gosselin
Hope '68 and John Mongeau+
Irene Smith
J.M. Carlson
Jacqueline Guzman-Freddo
James '88 and MaryJo Rood+
James '92 and Julie McGowan '92+
James and Martha Buma
James and Robin Loughman
James Long
James O'Brien
James Versace '75+
Jane '07 and Ralph Gleason+
Jane '74 and Robert Kane
Jane '77 and Peter Morse
Jane '82 and Ronald Biagi '83+
Janet '68 and David Sullivan+
Janet '71 and Gary Larese '78
Janet Morrissey '77
Janice Bell '93
Janice Galvin
Janice Gryszkiewicz
Janice Haroutunian-Avery '73+
Janis '79 and Michael Clini+
Janis Kordana
Janit Romayko
Jared Orne '08+
Jason Laferriere '00
Jay Murphy '92
Jean Dunn '57
Jean Richardson '60
Jeanne Vasu
Jeannine Vignali+
Jeffery Lariviere
Jeffrey and Cheryl Hamel
Jeffrey Hurlbut '79
Jeffrey Masciadrelli
Jennifer '10 and Michael Vanover
Jennifer '95 and Sephen Straw
Jennifer '97 and Daniel Polak
Jennifer Dawson
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer Holley '15
Jennifer Lafountain
Jennifer Perry
Jennifer Sawyer '02
Jennifer Serra
Jennifer Tessier-Williford
Jenny Papageorge and Sean Casey
Jessica Tansey '09+
Jessie Cardin '18
Jill Walton '06+
Jillian Hamel
Joan '62 and Robert Quinn '00
Joan '68 amd William McGuirk+
Joan '71 and Philip Shuman
Joan '90 and Mark Mullin
Joan Hart '54+
Joan Shea
JoAna Lopez '94
Joanna Martin
Joanne '63 and Stanley Krzynowek+
Joanne Salus
JoEllen Fleming
Joey Nowak
Johanne Jablonka '59+
John '00 and Alison Torrone+
John '58 and Clara Barlow+
John '80 and Darlene Story '80
John '80 and Jaimee Vassallo '79
John Bathelt '78
John Booss
John Griffin '80
John Landers '98
John Luttrell, Jr. '82
John Nieb '14+
John O'Connor '99+
John Richardson '99
John Ward
Jon '92 and Jacqueline Elliott
Jorge '05 and Mary Fernandez-Sierra
Jose Irizarry
Joseph '12 and Lisa Courchesne
Joseph and Carol Dawson+
Joseph and Marie Flahive
Joseph and Rosalie Tobia
Joseph Haswell '78+
Joseph Higgins
Joseph Mitchell
Joseph Wynn
Joyce '73 and Peter Chechile+
Joyce '75 and Robert Owens
Joyce '83 and David Hahn
Joyce Brown '08
Joyce Piper '65+
Joyce Santerre '77+
Judith '74 and James Ducey
Judith Moriarty '53+
Judy Stearns '77+
Julia Kulyak '13
Julie Barney
Julie Berrett-Abebe
Julie Carroll
Julie Hynes '87
Justin Burnes '14
Justin Connolly '16+
Kara Fluet '20
Karen '79 and Dennis Lefave
Karen Balian '71
Karen Barlow '96
Karen Bodwell-Deren
Karen Frustaci '89+
Karen Garlick
Karen Gomez '98
Karen Simm
Karen Sladyk
Karoline Butler
Kate '91 and William Milano
Katelyn Hervol '16
Katherine Dunphy '66
Katherine Govoni+
Katherine Jekanowski '96
Katherine Kane
Katherine Reilly '69+
Kathleen '69 and Terry Palmer
Kathleen '77 and Stephen Norris
Kathleen '78 and Patrick Keefe
Kathleen '82 and Carl White
Kathleen Butterfield
Kathleen Clark '69+
Kathleen Congdon Plungis '74 and Charles Plungis+
Kathleen Maloney+
Kathleen Richards '65
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathryn '53 and Leo LaMontagne
Kathryn '80 and John White
Kathryn Garlick
Kathryn'06 and Ryan Shimmon '07
Kelly Silvestri
Kelsey Cottengim '17
Kenneth and Beth Swartz
Kenneth Lombardini, Jr. '14
Kerry Flood
Kevin '78 and Christine Falvey
Kevin '99 and Becky McAvoy
Kevin Labombard '90
Kim Pressey '88
Kimberly Burke
Kimberly Hurley '88
Kimberly Thomason '83+
Kristen '91 and Richard Hurst
Kristen McDonald
Kristen Shine '94
Kristin Mazeika '10+
Kristopher Ryan '11
Kristyn Miller
Lance Davis '86
Larry Anzivino
Larry Lowenthal
Laura Kirchner-Webster '99 and Scott Webster
Laura Poth '97+
Lauren Moreau '03
Laurie Coughlin '74+
Laurie Nelson '84
Lawrence and Nancy Hines
Lawrence West '72
Leonard '64 and Dorothy Robbins
Leonard Yarrows '66 and Mary Yarrows
Leslie Gredler '77+
Linda '66 and James Chiecko
Linda '72 and George Walker+
Linda '74 and Haresh Madeka
Linda '92 and Joseph Matte+
Linda Bourque '69+
Linda Hixon
Linda Menard
Linda Nelson '72+
Linda Rowbotham
Lisa Balestro
Lisa Dana
Lisa Ducharme
Lisa Hoffman
Lisa Shea '94
Liz Vitullo
Loretta Masciadrelli
Lori Bryon '90
Lori-Ann Stockhaus
Louise '83 and Edward Osetek+
Lucille Insalaco
Lynne Davis
M. Barbara Sweed '62
Makoto Saito
Marcel and Frances Frere
Marcia '75 and Joseph Daly
Marcia Cox
Marcia Kielb
Margaret Drisko '88
Margaret McDevitt '67+
Margaret Skaggs and Robert Salerno
Maria Perez
Maria Podgurski '68
Marian Kay Mowatt
Marianne Gleason '79+
Marianne Karam '85+
Marie '01 and David Gauthier
Marie '76 and Charles Setian
Marie and David Masciadrelli+
Marilyn '90 and Kevin Kelleher+
Marilyn Thompson '63+
Mario '93 and Monica Heredia
Marisa Masciadrelli
Marissa Cremin '18
Marjorie Kennedy '91+
Marjorie Rodriguez '15
Mark '84 and Laurie Devaney
Mark '88 and Mary Laverdure
Mark Edwards '78+
Mark Howard '04
Mark Johnson '95
Marlene '69 and Donald Snyder '56
Marlene Tyson '80
Marsha Alperin
Martha Somes '62+
Martin '84 and Sheryl Welles
Martin Manoogian '58+
Mary '56 and Ronald LaMagdelaine+
Mary '77 and Ronald San Souci+
Mary Ann Babinski '65+
Mary Downie
Mary Ellen Hogan '72
Mary Flaherty '66+
Mary Gallerani
Mary Giguere
Mary Kitson '51+
Mary Lorente '78+
Mary McDonough '91+
Mary Pappas
Mary Ritchie '91+
Mary Tharaldson '53+
Mary Woodbury '12+
Maryann '70 and Warren Sedran
MaryAnn Dion '71
MassMutual Financial Group Matching Gift Program+
Matthew '11 and Alexandra Dellea '12+
Matthew Toney
Maureen '03 and Matthew Leahey
Maureen Cappuccino
Maureen Maloney+
Maureen Wark '85+
Maurice and Kathleen Galipeau
Meaghan Farrell '07
Meaghan MacDonald '12
Megan Bargatti
Megan Bishop '13
Megan Lussier '15+
Melanie Kirouac '01
Melissa Anzivino
Melissa Cody
Melissa DelSignore
Melissa Mattison
Melissa Vadnais '04
Meredith Gildrie
Micaela Connolly '17+
Michael '75 and Leslie Walker+
Michael '79 and Teresa Gauthier+
Michael '84 and Kathleen Garvey+
Michael '90 and Jennifer Mayo
Michael '93 and Peggy Dialessi '93
Michael and Karen Anderson
Michael Carbone '14
Michael Cunningham
Michael Gatanio '02+
Michael Grace '93
Michael Nichols
Michael Potaski
Michael Sheldon
Michael Smith '96
Michele Ahern '89+
Michelle Harris '91
Michelle Overton '90+
Miguel Wallace '18
Miriam Morse '74+
Myrna Butler
Nancy '83 and John Wilk
Nancy Dewar '70+
Nancy Goodniss
Nancy Paul and William Paul
Nicholas Aieta
Nicholas Cox
Nichole Brookens '07
Nicole '10 and Andrew Balise+
Nicole Radwanski '04
Nora '76 and Peter Malone
Nora Padykula '93
Noreen and Anthony Fernandes+
Noreen Donnelly '70
Norma '78 and Gene Baker '76
Oscar and Mary Machietto+
Paige Hermansen
Pamela '68 and John Joyce+
Pamela Fenby Lazerick '84
Pamela Nadeau
Pamela Ondrick
Paper Mill Spirit Committee
Parmelie McManamy '69+
Patricia '68 amd Curt Mechare
Patricia '73 and Stephen Erikson+
Patricia '80 and Harold Odiorne+
Patricia '83 and Gregory Kallfa
Patricia '85 and Jed Stills
Patricia and Richard Forbes+
Patricia Callahan '59+
Patricia Cote '58
Patricia Dennis '63
Patricia Fuller
Patricia Hickey '92
Patricia McDonald '85+
Patricia O'Connor
Patricia St. Amand '65+
Patrick Hayes, III '76+
Paul '11 and Maureen Cincotta
Paul and Joan Buckley
Paula '76 and George LeBlanc
Paula Banasiewicz
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Peter and Judy Williams
Peter and Karen Miller
Peter Malo '75+
Peter Miller '84+
Peter Stradinski '68
Peter Taloumis '10
Philip '85 and Robin Hughes+
Philomena '82 and Terry Burke
Priya Zander Fox '21
Rachel Huntley
Rachel Karstunen '11
Rae '75 and Richard Teed
Ralph and Meredith Wise+
Ralph Strycharz '80
Raymond and Carole Moloney
Rebecca Burwell
Rebecca Gonzalez-Flores '91
Regina Mullen
Rene '61 and Marie Harnois+
Richard '69 and Sandra Mazur+
Richard '70 and Catherine Dower
Richard '71 and Gloria Carver+
Richard '96 and Kathleen Carra
Richard and Jennifer Bradbury+
Richard Berenson
Richard Glashow '02+
Richard Jr. '86 and Karen Hayde
Richard Kravitz '74 and Don Aimar+
Richard Lambert, Jr. '78+
Richard Purcell '89
Rick Bailey
Ricki Kantrowitz
Robert '03 and Elizabeth Blanchette+
Robert '69 and Shirley Charette '69
Robert '71 and Melinda Giustina '71
Robert '73 and Joanne Kaczman
Robert '75 and Janet Freeman '70
Robert '78 and Gina Benn+
Robert '94 and Angelina Larose
Robert '94 and Rena Piper
Robert and Joanna Williams
Robert Cipriano
Robert J. Picknally, USAF, Ret. '56
Robert Laviolette
Robert McGinnity '11
Robert Shultz '95+
Robert Simpson Jr.
Robert Swart '79
Roberta Beeker '77+
Robin Gunn '11+
Roger Butler and Doborah Butler
Roger Purdy '85+
Roland Damon '56+
Ronald and Christine Engvall
Rosa Whiting '78
Rosemary Ray '79+
Roy and Maria Simoes
Russell Carrier '70+
Ryan '01 and Joanne Forsythe '05+
Ryan Meersman '12+
Sally Bannish
Sally Fay
Samantha Gray '13
Sandra '88 and William Culbertson
Sandra Deyo
Sandra Dolley '68
Sandra Gough
Sandra Grassetti
Sandra L. Guilbert '93
Sara Bates '14+
Sara Palis '16
Sara Pautler '15
Sara Temple '01+
Sarah Lamb
Sarah Lazare+
Sarah Malanson '01
Sarah Rondinelli
Scott Liberman '90+
Scott Provost '15
Senay Asik '12
Sentry Uniform
Seth Dunn
Shana Gendreau
Shannon Chiba '15
Sharon '90 and Thomas Carmody '90
Sharon Drake '71
Shauna '97 and Kenneth Bakstran '95
Shay Powell '15
Sheila '7 and Patrick Conroy+
Sheila '92 and Michael Connally
Sheila '99 and Charles Thompson '72+
Sheila Braithwaite
Sherry Bergeron-Heggie
Sigrid Stevens '06+
Stanislaus Jr. '78 and Cynthia Skarzynski
Stanley '06 and Melissa Pa'u '06
Stefan Czaporowski '95
Stephanie '97 and Mark French+
Stephen '91 and Hilary Loftus '87+
Stephen '97 and Shana Hall '97
Stephen Freddo
Stephen Leonard '85
Stephen Nickoski '01+
Steven Casey
Steven Kalish '78
Steven Marcil '92
Sue-Ann Hilton
Summer Williams
Susan '71 and Richard Forrest+
Susan '72 and James Latimer
Susan '75 and Gerald Delisle+
Susan '77 and James Biros
Susan Dargie '92
Susan Mason '71
Susan Regensburger
Susan Runshaw '66
Susan Stanley '82+
Suzanne Boniface '92+
Teresa Vazquez '81
Terrence '69 '74 and Kathleen Crean+
The Women's Center For Healing, Inc.
Theresa '68 and William D'Amato+
Therese Wheatley '58+
Thomas '77 and Christine Bonci '78
Thomas '77 and Judith Hayes+
Thomas '93 and Eileen Rocca
Thomas Collins '66
Thomas Diep
Thomas O'Neil '77+
Thomas Shea
Timothy and Deborah Ring
Timothy and Sandra Convery+
Timothy Gavin '77
Tracey '85 and Germano Pinto
Tracey Correia '01+
Troy Watkins
Tyler Adams '16
Tyler Moore and Jessica Moore '04
U.S. Bankcorp
Valerie Holford
Vasco and Pauline Brovelli
Victoria Bergeron
Victoria Grasela '07+
Virginia Easton '88
Vivian Govoni '65+
Walter '59 and Patricia Wingate '57+
Walter Pietras+
Walter Powell
William '70 and Rosalind Brezinski+
William '71 and Jane O'Riordan
William '78 and Susan Littleton
William '81 and Christine Monahan '81
William '87 and Gina Onyski
William '98 and Alaine Thorne+
William '98, '01 and Lisa Blackmer
William and Linda Duval
William Freeman, Sr. '87
William Hurlbut
William Lamme