Westfield State Faculty and Staff Experts: Names

Carsten Braun, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Geography and Regional Planning. Specialties: Geography, Climate Change, and Sustainable Energy. Research: Journal of Geophysical Research: Upwind convective influences on the isotopic composition of atmospheric water vapor over the tropical Andes. Visit his website for more information on his research.

Brian Conz, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Geography and Regional Planning, Faculty Director for Civic Engagement. Specialties: Civic Engagement, Conservation and Indigenous People, Political Ecology. Research: Indigenous Peoples, National Parks, and Protected Areas Conservation and Mayan Autonomy in Guatemala’s Western Highlands: The Case of Totonicapan

Mara Dodge, Ph.D. Professor of History, Editorial Director of The Historical Journal of Massachusetts. Specialties: Civil Rights, Labor History, and US Women's History. Research: Whores and Thieves of the Worst Kind: A Study of Women, Crime, and Prisons, 1835-2000

Jennifer Hanselman, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology. Specialties: Climate Change, Ecology, STEM Education, and Next Generation Science Standards. Research: Study: Catastrophic drought could turn La Paz, Bolivia, and surroundings into desert by 2040

Sarah Lazare, JD. Director of the Banacos Academic Center. Specialties: Disability Services in Higher Education.

Sabine Klein, Ph.D. Coordinator of the Theatre Arts Program. Specialties: Theatre, German Theatre, Musical Theatre. Research: Contributor to “The American as Foreigner on Stage: Portraits of the United States in International Drama” (print).

George Michael, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Criminal Justice. Specialties: Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terrorism. Research: Lone Wolf Terror and the Rise of Leaderless Resistance

Lyndsey Nunes, ABD. ICE Program Coordinator. The Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Partnership Program is a state-funded grant program that provides dual enrollment opportunities to high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, age 18 - 21, an inclusive college experience. Specialty: Special Education.

Tom Raffensperger, MLIS. Dean of Academic Information Services. Specialties: Libraries and Educational Technologies.

Hillary Sackett, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Economics and Management. Specialties: Sustainable Economies. Research: Agricultural and Resource Economics Review: Consumer Perceptions of Sustainable Farming Practices: A Best-Worst Scenario

Marilyn Sandidge, Ph.D. Professor of English, Graduate Program Coordinator for the Master’s Degree in English. Specialties: Medieval and Early Modern British Literature, Shakespeare. Research: Friendship in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age: Explorations of a Fundamental Ethical Discourse

Cynthia Siegler, M.Ed. Director of International Programs and Student Exchanges. Specialties: International Programs, Study Abroad