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Owl’s Nest Set Up Options

Below you will find several set-up options for The Owl's Nest.  If these set-ups do not meet the needs of your event, please contact our office.  We will work with you to create a set-up that works for your event.

Audience Style

For audience style seating we have two options available:

  • Seating up to 150 without staging
  • Seating up to 130 with staging

If your group is smaller we can set audience style to fit your individual needs.

Banquet Style

For banquet style seating we have two options:

  • 13 round tables of eight without staging (104 people)
  • 11 round tables of eight with staging (88 people)

If your group is smaller we can set banquet style to fit your individual needs.

Cafe Style

Cafe style seating is 15 tables that seat four.  This is the default set up of The Owl's Nest.