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Students will be loaded into the PLATO system the weekend before classes begin. At that time you will have access to a Student Overview course. Your courses will show up by 8am on the first day of classes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have just registered for a class, it can take up to 24 hours from the time of official registration to be entered into the PLATO system. You will be able to login once you are added to the system.

Thank you for your patience!

  • To log into PLATO, click the “Log In To PLATO” button on the right side of this page. Student usernames will be your first initial, last name, and last four digits of your A#. Your initial PLATO password will be your Campus Wide Id (CWID) A.K.A. your A# with a capital A.
  • PLATO passwords are reset back to your A# at the beginning of each semester.
  • Change your password right away. You can find instructions on how to change your password in the Student Overview course on your PLATO course list. 
  • To access your previous PLATO courses (fall or earlier) click the “Fall 2014 Courses & earlier” link on the right side of this page under “Useful Links.”
  • Please submit a ticket to the PLATO Help Desk on the right side of this page if you have PLATO issues or questions.

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