Request your PLATO courses here

If you are planning to use PLATO for your courses this semester, and have not requested your courses yet, please do so now. Please read ALL information on this page before requesting your courses. 

  • Every semester you must submit a course request for each course you are teaching.
  • Don’t forget to request and cross list the E01 sections.
  • Day and DGCE online courses CANNOT BE CROSS LISTED with each other!
  • If you request course shells after the semester start, students will NOT be automatically enrolled. Please contact the CIT to ensure that your students are enrolled in your course.
  • If you need help with this process, please call us at 413-572-8130, submit a Help Ticket at the PLATO Help Desk, or send an email to!

Use the electronic form if you have used Plato in the past, and are copying content from a course that was taught in 2014 or later, or just requesting the blank template.

Click here for the new electronic form:

  • Log in with your Plato credentials
  • Click on “Step 2. Course Selection”
  • Choose department, term, course and click on all sections that you need created
  • Click the “Add selected sections to the request” button
  • The selected courses will pop up on the right.
  • Use the buttons below each course to cross list, add previous content, or remove the selection. 
  • Click the “Review & Submit Course Request” button once all courses have been added to the list on the right.  

Use the “paper” form ONLY if you are requesting course content that was taught before 2014, need a custom course or organization shell, or if you are a new instructor that has not used Plato.

Click here to download the “Paper” form: Paper Plato Course Request Form 

Be sure to email it as an attachment to Joe at