Online Management Minor

The Online Management Minor is intended for non-management majors who seek to develop a proficiency in the core area of management studies. It prepares students for careers in a variety of organizational settings. The minor involves a minimum of 18 credits chosen from the following Business Core courses listed below:

Required Introductory Courses for Minor:

  • MGMT0107 Software Applications in Management
  • MGMT0104 Principles of Accounting I*
  • MGMT0105 Principles of Accounting II*

In addition to the above courses, students must choose 9 credits from the following list of Management courses.

  • MGMT0207  Financial Management - Junior/Senior Status Required
  • MGMT0220  Production/Operations Management - Junior/Senior Status Required
  • MGMT0221  Business Management
  • MGMT0231  Marketing Management
  • MGMT0241  Business Law
  • MGMT0250  Quantitative Approaches to Business Decisions
  • MGMT0325  Business Policy and Strategy (Senior only)
  • MGMT0338  International Business (Senior only)

Please note these courses have prerequisites.

For details please contact or call the Economics and Management Department at 413-572-5590.