Environmental Science Undergraduate Program

Environmental Science Major
The courses in our program come largely from the Biology and Geography and Regional Planning departments.  Students choose from a wide range of courses to tailor the program to meet their individual needs and goals for the future. 

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Environmental Science Minor
We offer an 18-hour Environmental Science Minor designed for students who have an interest in environmental issues, sustainability, etc., but who chose another major.

Geographic Information Systems Minor
Many Environmental Science students take the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Minor.  GIS is a powerful spatial data analysis tool that allows students to study environmental problems using spatial analysis.

Common Double Majors
The flexibility of the Environmental Science Curriculum allows interested students to add a second major to help prepare them for their own unique future.  Some common double majors include: Regional Planning, Biology, Political Science, English, and Criminal Justice.  This helps them develop interdisciplinary skills, with goals of becoming Environmental Planners, Environmental Policy Makers, Environmental Lawyers, Environmental Writers, Environmental Police, etc.

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