Nursing and Allied Health

Nursing & Allied Health

Nurses, one of the largest single groups of healthcare providers in the United States, have become the frontline health care providers. From surgical suites to neonatal intensive care units to community health clinics, exciting and unlimited career opportunities are available. Westfield nursing graduates will be prepared for a multitude of settings such as: acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, rehabilitation settings, out-patient health clinics, public health agencies, nursing homes, psychiatric settings and end of life facilities. Your future may include:

  • Assisting with the delivery and care of newborn babies and their mothers;
  • Delivering home health care to elderly or lower income families as a community health nurse;
  • Providing trauma care in the emergency room of a large metropolitan hospital;
  • Traveling to underdeveloped countries as a nurse in the Peace Corps or for one of many international nursing agencies.

Westfield’s four-year program prepares our nursing graduates with the knowledge base, clinical skills and values that are at the cutting edge of professional nursing. The nursing major integrates the College’s core requirements with additional courses in the humanities, physical and social sciences, providing you a strong liberal arts foundation for professional nursing. The nursing labs will help you transfer theoretical knowledge to direct nursing interventions, while a wide variety of health care and community agencies will serve as placements for your clinical practice.

Course Catalog

Admission to the Nursing Major

Admission to the Nursing program is highlycompetitive due to the large number of applicants and limited number of available spaces. Admission at Westfield is a two-part process; acceptance by the University and a selective review process by the Nursing department. Admission to the major is only granted by the Nursing department.

Program Standards for first-time college students

To be considered for acceptance into nursing the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 3.3 high school GPA
  • Minimum 1150 SAT (Critical Reading and Math only) or 25 ACT
  • Minimum grade of B in high school science courses
  • A 500 word essay responding to the question, “Why is nursing your chosen profession?” (Upon request.)
  • Interview with the Nursing Department may be required

Application Procedure

You must apply directly to the University and not to the Nursing Department. The deadline for fall admission to the nursing program is February 1. Students are not admitted in spring semesters. Online applications are strongly encouraged.


Contact the Office of Admission for assistance at (413) 572-5218 or