Contact Us

We are happy to help you with any questions that you may have. Below you will find some common areas we often get questions about and who to contact for answers to those questions.

Questions regarding our professional and student staff feel free to contact Jen Gould.

Questions regarding our housing on campus, special living units, housing sign up and assignment, and any parent questions feel free to contact Joshua Hettrick.

Questions regarding our residence education and summer conference program feel free to contact Jessi Hufnagle.

Questions regarding our New Student and Parent Orientation programs feel free to contact Valerie Turco.

Any other questions can be directed to June Tanski and Dawn Whitehill and will be directed to the person best able to help.


Main Number
(413) 572-5402

(413) 572-5602

Orientation Office (Courtney Hall)
(413) 572-8177

Communication Center
(413) 572-5600


Jon A. Conlogue
Executive Director of Residential Services and Campus Life
413 572-5402

Jennifer Gould
Assistant Director for Staff Development
413 572-8120

Joshua Hettrick
Assistant Director for Housing
413 572-5649

Jessi Hufnagle
Assistant Director for Residential Education
413 572-8053

June Tanski
413 572-5402

Dawn Whitehill,
413 572-5663


Valerie Turco
Coordinator of New Student and Parent Orientation
Residence Director Apartment Complex
413 572-5453

Nashalie Vazquez
Residence Director Courtney Hall
413 572-5589

Christopher Richard
Residence Director Davis Hall
413 572-5503

Ashiah Richeme
Residence Director Dickinson Hall
413 572-5518

Alycia Maffeo
Interim Residence Director Lammers Hall
413 572-5533

John Zocco
Residence Director Lansdowne Place
413 875-5943

Kevin Fisher
Residence Director New Hall
413 572-8470

Billy Dunn
Residence Director Scanlon Hall
413 572-5547

Allison Gagne
Residence Director University Hall
413 579-3275

Special Projects Coordinator Staff

Alycia Maffeo
Special Projects Coordinator for Staff Development
413 572-8373

Stephany George
Special Projects Coordinator for Housing
413 572-8373

Joseph McIsaac
Special Projects Coordinator for Residence Education
413 572-8373

Brian Graham
Special Projects Coordinator for New Student Orientation
413 572-5619