Financial Aid

Careful financial planning and knowledge of the financial aid process and polices are essential for you and your family to prepare for and meet the cost of your college education.

Financing Your Education

at Westfield State

Financing your education can be a daunting process. We, here at Westfield State University, will assist you in the process of securing financial aid.  We understand the financial aid processes and policies that are essential for you and your family to help meet the cost of your college education. In most cases, financial aid is not sufficient to cover the entire cost of attending Westfield State University.

We offer various types of financial aid programs at Westfield State:

 At Westfield State, the financial aid staff will assist you throughout the application process and provide you with the most current information, guidelines, requirements and deadlines necessary to apply for aid. Contact us so that we may guide you through the process.  We are here to answer your questions and provide the information you need.

Note: Financial aid application is independent from the admission application process; Westfield State University has a need-blind admission policy.  Please complete the financial aid and admission application processes separately.