A very comprehensive site—so comprehensive that, if you search for anything related to anarchy or anarchists on the web, some part of this site will usually be among the top two or three hits. As well as the usual biographical and bibliographical information, it offers an extensive library of texts by all the major figures (and several minor ones) in the anarchist tradition, and a good amount of information about the formative historical events (e.g. the First International and the Spanish Civil War). There are two notably imaginative links: one (called “Commentary”) to texts about the anarchists, and another to a selection of pamphlets that give the flavor of anarchist polemics in their heyday. For any serious research on the web, this is an excellent place to start.
A very good site, and dedicated to Paul J. Proudhon to boot. There’s biographical and bibliographical information, along with as complete an image gallery as you’re likely to find in the anarchist world. Two things are worth remarking on here. First, the site places more emphasis on the theory of anarcho-syndicalism, which is useful if you want to know more about the foremost positive project in anarchist economics (and, for even more, follow the link to Second, there is a lively discussion list (one of the “hot discussions” at the time of writing being PUNK PUNK PUNK). For some reason, and despite their avowed populism, most anarchist websites don’t have discussion lists.
An expressly polemical site, concerned to put across the anarchist message and correct what are presented as popular misconceptions about the movement, although there are useful hypertexts of anarchist theory and history. This site is most useful as a guide to the contemporary anarchist movement, with links to information about activism worldwide.
Where theory and history are concerned, this site doesn’t offer as much as many others do, but it’s worth visiting to browse the extensive list under the link “Anarchist Music.” While some of the choices are perhaps debatable—I mean, Captain Sensible?—it conveys the surprising range and vibrancy of this still largely underground scene. And, speaking of music . . .
If you look into no other overtly anarchist art, look into this. Crass are largely responsible for there being an anarchist music scene at all. For the truly adventurous, it’s possible to buy their albums online, but beware: pastoral melodies these aren’t. To get hip to Crass’s most prominent (not to say commercially successful) successors, Chumbawamba, go to

-Liam Harte


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