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Non-Confidential Reporting Options

Non-Confidential Reporting Options
   On-Campus Non-Confidential Reporting Options
      Title IX Coordinators
      Responsible Employees
      On-Campus Criminal Reporting Options
  Off-Campus Reporting Options
False Charges
Governmental Reporting Options

Non-Confidential Reporting Options
On-Campus Non-Confidential Reporting Options

Generally, once a “non-confidential report” of sexual violence or sexual misconduct is made to the university, an investigation must be commenced, subject to the wishes of the complainant.  Except under circumstances where a potential threat exists to the safety of the university community, the wishes of the complainant will likely be honored. 

A report is considered to have been made to the university if it is reported to or otherwise learned about by a Title IX or Deputy Title IX Coordinator or a “Responsible Employee”, defined below.

If an investigation commences, trained campus administrators will investigate the complaint and, if appropriate, recommend sanctions.  (A complete description of the investigative process may be found here).


Reports of sexual violence or sexual misconduct may be made directly to the Title IX or Deputy Title Coordinators.  Typically, student complaints may be directed to either Larry Johnson, Jon Conlogue or Sue LaMontagne and employee reports to either Larry Johnson or Evie Soucie. 

Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Jalisa Williams,
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Horace Mann Center, 202
(413) 572-8670


Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Students)

Sue LaMontagne, Dean of Students
Ely, Room 209
(413) 572-5425

Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Students)

Jon Conlogue, Executive Director-Residential Life
Scanlon Hall, S-A010
(413) 572-5572

Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Employees)

Evie Soucie, Associate Director, Human Resources
Horace Mann Center, 204
(413) 572-5637


The University recognizes that you may feel most comfortable disclosing an incident to a University employee that you know well. As noted above, certain employees, identified as “Responsible Employees”, are required under nearly all circumstances to report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. These “Responsible Employees” are listed below:

  • Members of the Boards of Trustees;
  • The President and Vice Presidents;
  • Assist./Assoc. Vice Presidents;
  • Title IX Coordinator/ Deputy Coordinators;
  • EO Officer;
  • Campus Police (waiver may need to be signed for report to Title IX Coordinator);
  • Director/Assistant Director of Human Resources;
  • Departmental Directors/Assist. Directors;
  • Residential Life Professional and Student Staff (including RDs and RAs);
  • Athletic Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Athletics Administrators;
  • Studio Managers;
  • Deans and Assistant/Associate Deans
  • Academic Department Chairs;
  • Academic and Non-Academic Program Directors/ Coordinators;
  • Faculty/Staff Leading or Chaperoning Travel or Overnight Trips; and
  • Faculty/Staff Advisors to Student Organizations.

If one is unsure of another’s duty to report or ability to maintain the privacy of the report, one should inquire about that duty before sharing information.


You may file a criminal complaint with The Westfield State University Police (Public Safety).  The University encourages you to report incidents to the Westfield State University Police so that appropriate measures can be taken to help you and prevent future crimes. The Westfield State University Police can assist you in filing criminal charges against the alleged offender and can also assist you in the process of obtaining protective restraining orders and abuse prevention orders for relationship/domestic violence.

Westfield State University Police - x5262 or (413) 572-5262

If you choose, and at the same time, you can also make a campus report to the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator or a Responsible Employee; you do not have to choose one or the other. 

(NOTE: If you wish for the report you make to the police to also be shared with the university Title IX Coordinator, you may be asked to provide written permission to do so.)


You may file a criminal complaint with the local police department where the incident occurred. The University encourages you to report incidents to the police so that the police can take appropriate measures to help you and prevent future crimes. Local Police information is as follows:

City of Westfield Police Department (Emergency) – 911

Hampden County District Attorney/Westfield Office – (413) 572-1454

Massachusetts State Police (Russell Barracks)-(413) 863-3312


The filing of a knowingly false report of sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or retaliation is a serious offense prohibited by this Policy. A report made in good faith, however, is not considered false merely because the evidence does not ultimately support the allegation of prohibited conduct. If an investigation reveals that a complainant knowingly filed false charges, the University shall take appropriate actions and issue sanctions pursuant to other applicable University policies, including any applicable collective bargaining agreement. The imposition of such sanctions does not constitute retaliation under this Policy.


If you wish to file a complaint of sexual violence or sexual misconduct outside of the University or in addition to a complaint filed under the University’s Complaint Investigation and Resolution Procedures, the following agencies may provide additional resources:

U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women
Office on Violence Against Women
145 N St., NE, Suite 10W.121
Washington, D.C. 20530
(202) 307-6026
Fax: (202) 305-2589

Persons who have questions or who wish to file a complaint of gender discrimination or sexual harassment under state law may contact the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination:

Boston Office:
One Ashburton Place,
Rm. 601
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 727-3990

Worcester Office:
Worcester City Hall
455 Main Street, Room 101
Worcester, MA 01608
(508) 799-8010

Springfield Office:
424 Dwight Street, Rm. 220
Springfield, MA  01103
(413) 739-2145

New Bedford Office:
800 Purchase St., Rm 501
New Bedford, MA  02740
(508) 990-2390

Employees with complaints, questions or concerns about gender discrimination or gender-based misconduct may also contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, John F. Kennedy Federal Building, 475 Government Center, Boston, MA 02203, (800) 669-4000, TTY (800) 669-6820.