Protective Interim Measures (Protective Orders)


The University is committed to supporting victims of sexual violence or sexual misconduct by providing the necessary crisis intervention, safety and support services, and academic accommodations throughout the investigation and resolution process.

Victims may obtain protective interim measures by reporting the incident to The Title IX Coordinator or disclosing the conduct to a counselor, who in turn can request interim measures on the victim’s behalf from the University without, if requested, revealing the basis for the interim measures.  Some possible interim measures are listed below, and the University determines which measures are appropriate for each victim on a case-by-case basis.  Not all of the measures listed below will be necessary to keep every victim safe and ensure their equal access to University programs and activities.

  • “protective order / no contact” orders;
  • escorts to ensure safety while moving between locations on campus;
  • changes in academic or work schedules;
  • alternative housing, dining and/or office accommodations;
  • restrictions from areas of campus;
  • medical and/or mental health services;
  • assistance in  identifying an advocate to help secure additional assistance, such as off-campus and community advocacy, support and services; and/or
  • academic accommodations, such as:
    • transferring to another section of a course, lecture or lab;
    • rescheduling an academic assignment or test;
    • arranging for incompletes, a leave of absence, or withdrawal from campus; and preserving eligibility for academic, athletic, or other scholarships, financial aid, internships, study abroad, or foreign student visas.