Counseling Center: COVID-19 Updates

Counseling Center: COVID-19 Updates

Updates for Students (revised August, 2020):


Counseling Sessions

  • The Counseling Center is continuing to offer teletherapy sessions to (new and returning!) students living in Massachusetts (due to licensing statutes) starting the first week of the fall 2020 semester. Students interested in connecting with a counselor can call the Counseling Center at: 413-572-5790, or email ( to get connected with a counselor or to schedule an initial, virtual appointment
  • Students living outside of Massachusetts can contact the Counseling Center, your primary care physician, or your health insurance company to be set up with a counselor in your local area
  • If you are a new client looking to connect with a counselor please call our main number at: 413-572-5790
  • Please Note: In light of current circumstances, there will be no in-person sessions offered on campus for the foreseeable future


Psychiatry (Medication) Appointments

  • WSU psychiatry services will continue to be available to Counseling Center clients at scheduled appointment times in a virtual format
  • To learn more about WSU psych services, please speak with your WSU counselor or reach out to schedule an initial counseling session
  • If you are a previous/current psychiatry client and have questions for our psychiatrist about your prescription, please reach us at our main number (please leave a voicemail if you do not reach someone): 413-572-5790


To Transfer your Prescription

  • Call your home pharmacy to ask for a transfer of your prescription from your Westfield pharmacy
  • Provide the name and dose of your prescription
  • It is recommended to follow back up with your home pharmacy to confirm successful transfer of your prescription


Virtual Wellness

  • To better support students, and the entire WSU community, the Counseling Center will be offering Virtual Wellness programming throughout the fall semester
  • To learn more about our Relaxation Daily Dose, Virtual Pet Therapy, and Check-In and Chat Series, visit our Virtual Wellness page, here


Other Counseling Center Services

            Nutrition Services
  • The Counseling Center will continue to offer limited, telephone nutrition sessions with our Nutritionist Andrea Reyes
  • If you are experiencing challenges or wanting to make a change around food and eating, reach out to the Counseling Center’s main number: 413-572-5790, to schedule a virtual session
              Relaxation Coaching
  • The Counseling Center will be offering virtual Relaxation Coaching sessions for the fall semester
  • If you are struggling with stress or anxiety, or just looking for an additional self-care tool, Relaxation Coaching sessions can be a great support by offering gentle mindfulness and stress-relief exercises.
  • To schedule a Relaxation Coaching session, or for questions regarding already scheduled sessions, please contact the main number: 413-572-5790


Crisis or Emergency Services

  • For those students who have been approved to remain on campus for the time being, if you are in need of immediate mental health support, please contact your RA or RD, or Public Safety at: 413-572-5262
  • Students in Westfield: for mental health crisis assistance, you can contact BHN (Behavioral Health Network) crisis at 413-568-6386
  • Students outside of Westfield but still in MA: you can find the phone number to your nearest mental health emergency services program by calling (877) 382-1609 and entering your zipcode, or click this link for a listing by area in MA.
  • Students outside of MA: utilize the phone/text crisis services below to connect you to your local mental health emergency services provider
  • National crisis hotlines and supports:
  1. National 24-hour crisis textline: text HOME to 741741
  2. National 24-hour suicide prevention lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
  3. In cases of domestic violence or sexual assault, YWCA-New Beginnings has a 24-hour hotline: (800) 479-6245.
  4. RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) is a national resource site with a 24/7 Sexual Assault phone and chat hotline for survivors and their loved ones: call (800) 656-HOPE (4673) or click the RAINN link to access their chat hotline.


Mental Health Resources for Managing Emotions about COVID-19

  • Click this link for information about coping with coronavirus anxiety.
  • Click this link for '7 Science Based Strategies to Cope with Coronavirus anxiety'