Pet Therapy

Come out and play with the dogs at WSU pet therapy! Guaranteed to brighten your day!

Located out on the green in front of the Counseling Center (weather location in Ely, 2nd floor lounge across from Arno Maris Gallery)

*New* Fall therapy every week in September!
Date Day Time
9/7/17 Thursday 11a-1p
9/13/17 Wednesday 11a-1p
9/21/17 Thursday 11a-1p
9/27/17 Wednesday 11a-1p


October through December pet therapy dates:
Date Day Time
10/11/17 Wednesday 11a-1p
10/26/17 Thursday 11a-1p
11/8/17 Wednesday 11a-1p
11/30/17 Thursday 11a-1p
12/13/17 Wednesday 11a-1p

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