Substance Abuse Information & Prevention

Substance Education Classes (for students who violate the WSU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy)

Explanation of Class Integration

Classes are based on a psycho-educational group model and the second class builds on the first to produce a unified result.  For this reason, students should not be assigned to attend only one class regardless of their individual circumstances because each class is part of an integrated unit and group dynamics are upset by partial attendances. 

Attendance and Make-Up

In order to fulfill Student Conduct or Residential Life obligations, students must attend all classes within a session.  The only permissible reason for missing is academic in which case make-up is required. If a student anticipates missing any class or misses the first class, that student should be reassigned to the next set of classes or assigned to a web-based course.  If a student misses only the second class they should call the Counseling Center Secretary (ext. 5790) to receive instructions for make-up.  They should let the Secretary know the reason for calling.

Class Meeting Time and Tardiness

Each class is approximately two hours, starting at 4:00 p.m. and ending at 5:45 p.m. All students are expected to arrive on time.  Students who arrive unreasonably late may not be admitted to the class at the instructor's discretion and will need to take the next full session of the course. Those arriving unreasonably late to the second class may not be admitted to the class at the Instructor's discretion and may need to follow make-up procedures as described above.

Class Cancellation

In the event of cancellation of a class due to instructor illness or inclement weather, students should anticipate that the cancelled class will be held the following week on the same day and time as the class had been originally scheduled.  If the University is closed because of a holiday or for other reasons then class will be held two weeks after the cancelled class unless this interferes with another regularly scheduled session or extends beyond the academic semester.

Eligibility to Participate and Fee for the Course

This course is primarily for Westfield State University students who have been found responsible for violating the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy.  Students who have been found responsible for these violations should be assigned to take the "in-person" course first unless they have taken it before in which case they should be assigned to the "on-line" course.  Other circumstances where students might be assigned to take the "on-line" course include academic conflict with the "in-person" course, family emergency or death, or some other substantial hardship as determined by the Student Conduct Officer.  Employment should not automatically be considered as a substantial hardship.  Students who wish to participate in substance education, either voluntarily or because they have been mandated by a court, must seek the permission of the instructor prior to attending.  These students must also pay the current service fee as stated in the Westfield State University Student HandbookNon-students are not permitted to take the class.   Non-matriculating students should discuss their individual circumstances with the instructor to determine their eligibility to take the class.

For questions contact Brian Cahillane @ Ext. 5790.


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