Meet the Staff of Orientation

The New Student Orientation Team is one of the most engaging and energetic groups on the Westfield State University Campus. Our team is comprised of current students, professional staff members, and recent Westfield alums.  From the professional staff to the student leaders, every member of the team is dedicated to welcoming the new students to Westfield State University and ensuring that they have a fun, safe and engaging orientation experience.


The Professional Staff:

  • Matt Dellea, Coordinator of New Student Orientation
    • M. Ed., Student Personnel Administration - Springfield College
    • B.S., General Science - Westfield State University (2011)
    • Years with Wesfield State University Orientation - 8
  • Amity Leary, New Student Orientation Manager
    • B.A., Theatre Arts/Communication - Westfield State University (2017)
    • Years with Westfield State University Orientation - 3

The Office Team:

Our Office team is the backbone of the New Student Orientation Program. They run the office email and phone lines during the program, assist students with the registration process, and coordinate the logisitics the move the program along. They are often working hard behind the scenes to ensure a successful program.

  • Jane Kungu, Head Office Assistant
  • Amanda Smolenski
  • Ceara Walsh
  • Aliya Stevenson

The Student Coordinators:

Our Student Coordinators are student leaders that play a major role in the planning and execution of the New Student Orientation Program. They serve as role models for incoming students, but also for our Orientation Team. These students take the lead in assisting with the coordination of the two different aspects of the program. 

  • Hanna Christ, Parent Program Coordinator
  • Connor Kennedy, Student Program Coordinator
  • Thomas Howard, Student Program Coordinator

The Orientation Leaders:

Our Orientation Leaders (OLs) are role models as well as sources of support and information for the new first-year and transfer students. They play a major role in facilitating the adjustment of new students to the Westfield State University community. They share accurate information about academic, personal, and social resources and serve as a mentor for incoming students!

Student Leaders are responsible for:

  • Leading discussion groups with incoming students
  • Facilitating activities to encourage students to make connections
  • Explaining academic opportunities and procedures
  • Promoting extra curricular activities and social programs
  • Acquainting new students with campus services and building locations
  • Assisting in the preparation of Orientation activities and materials

The 2018 New Student Orientation Team Leaders:

  • Scotty Howe
    • Group 1 Leader
  • Liv Bird
    • ​Group 2 Leader
  • Remani Lizana
    • ​Group 3 Leader
  • Zuley Contreras
    • ​Group 4 Leader
  • Jamie Fontaine, Head Orientation Leader
    • Group 5 Leader
  • Molly Bouvier
    • ​Group 6 Leader
  • Carla Dias
    • Group 7 Leader
  • Bryan Pimental, Head Orientation Leader
    • Group 8 Leader
  • Leighanne Garlick
    • Group 9 Leader
  • Christine Clark
    • Group 10 Leader
  • Chandler Hutchison
    • Group 11 Leader
  • Jeremy Hatfield
    • Group 12 Leader
  • Izzy Malvezzi
    • Group 13 Leader