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Accessible PDFs

Always consider a webpage over a PDF.  If a PDF must be used, it must be accessible.

What to do when a PDF is NOT accessible — 3 options

Option 1:

Create a text-based alternative instead of (or in addition to) the PDF.  The best text-based alternative is a regular (HTML) web page. The vast majority of all users (whether they have a disability or not) prefer regular web pages over PDFs and, given the choice, will choose to download a web page.

Option 2:

Make your PDF accessible. See “PDF Accessibility” for instructions.

Option 3:

Offer to e-mail PDFs (and other non-accessible media) to users upon request. This is an acceptable option if your PDF is a book or other multi-page document that would be extremely difficult or time-consuming to make accessible or recreate as a regular web page.

TITLE AND SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PUBLICATION: Available upon request. Please e-mail us to request a PDF copy.