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Science Center

Foundation Board of Directors

Through its Board of Directors, the Foundation develops, fosters, and cultivates relationships with external constituencies, including alumni, friends, business leaders, private foundations, and residents of the Westfield area and beyond.

Executive Board

Andrew Oleksak ’69, Chair
James Leahy ’99, Past Chair
Elizabeth Scheibel, 1st Vice Chair
George Flevotomos, 2nd Vice Chair
Sharon Czarnecki ’92, Treasurer
Vacant, Clerk

Board of Directors

Timothy P. Alben ’84
Megan Bishop ’13, Alumni Association Representative
Edward G. Boscher ’94
Kelson Burke ’22
Sheridan F. Carey ’65
Joseph Courchesne ’12
John B. Davies                                                   
John A. Dempsey, Faculty Representative         
George Flevotomos                                            
James G. Huffmire                                              
James Krupienski                                               
Mark A. Lambert ’85
Robert J. Mahar ’56
Paul L. Mancinone ’86
John P. Morizio ’75
Joseph A. Pellegrino                                           
Andrea M. Pianka ’10
Robert D. Piper ’61
Kevin R. Queenin ’70, University Trustee Representative
Eileen Swan Rockwal ’91
John J. Torrone ’00
James  Velis                                                       

Erica Broman, Executive Director*                    
Dr. Ramon S. Torrecilha, President, Westfield State University*

**As of December 2019

Westfield State Foundation