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Science Center

Foundation Board of Directors

Through its Board of Directors, the Foundation develops, fosters, and cultivates relationships with external constituencies, including alumni, friends, business leaders, private foundations, and residents of the Westfield area and beyond.

Executive Board

James Leahy ’99, Chair
Andrew Oleksak ’69, 1st Vice Chair
Sharon Czarnecki ’92, Treasurer
George Flevotomos, Clerk
John Torrone ’00, Past Chair

Board of Directors

Erica Broman, Executive Director*
Dr. Ramon S. Torrecilha, President*
Sheridan Carey ’65
John Davies
Marcus DiBacco ’19, Student Government Representative**
Vanessa Holford-Diana, Faculty Representative
James Huffmire
James Krupienski
Mark Lambert ’85
John Morizio ’75
Hon. Joseph Pellegrino
Andrea Pianka ’10
Robert Piper ’61
Kevin Queenin ’70, University Trustee Representative
Hon. Elizabeth Scheibel
Eileen Swan Rockwal ’91, Alumni Representative

**New student representative as of 9-22-16

Westfield State Foundation