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Fourth-Year: The Last Mile

The Westfield State Experience

Prepare for the next step in your journey with capstone courses, projects and senior events that will propel you into your career and/or graduate school.

The path to your degree culminates with experiences that help you reflect on where you have been as well as propel you forward.  The fourth year will be filled with capstone experiences, applied projects, career fairs, resume writing seminars, mock interviews, graduate school exploration workshops, alumni networking events and a variety of other engaging opportunities to help you round out your Westfield State Experience.

Whatever path The Westfield State Experience takes you down, this year is the time to really take a final, overarching view of all of your efforts and experiences, and how they have molded and transformed you into a graduate who is confident and ready to continue on to graduate school or your career.

 Career Center

Career fairs and events.  Grad school. Interview prep. Job searches.

And that's just the beginning!

 Graduate & Continuing Education

Interested in furthering your education or standing out in the job market?

If you're looking for a graduate degree program that will sharpen your skills, or expand employment opportunities, and is taught by dedicated faculty who are experts in their fields, Westfield State is the place for you.




I’ve presented projects at two national conferences. I traveled to Niagara Falls and Gettysburg—and met people from literally everywhere in the country. I got to have cool conversations about national issues. I got to present my work to my peers and be really proud of it.