WSKB Radio / Advancement, Alumni, & University Relations

Past Interns:

  • Nick Wyman (2015)
  • Jim Keedy (2014)


WSKB radio is Westfield State University's community-run radio station. Eclectic by nature, WSKB has multiple opportunities for students both on radio and off as it is paired with the office of Advancement and University Relations.

Nick Wyman was WSKB's Spring 2015 intern. He was responsible for writing press releases as well as writing and recording PSAs for the radio. Speaking on what the internship taught him, Nick said, "[the internship] taught me about the workings of a radio station and the manner in which content is produced for it. Most importantly, I have learned a bit about what it takes to write for the radio and I've learned that I really enjoy being a radio personality."

Interning at WSKB radio station gives students the chance to network and enhance writing skills in tandem with communication skills. Although writing, for Nick, has often been an individualistic endeavor, having interned at and written for the radio station made him think differently about his perspective: "I learned quite a bit about office culture and the various roles and purposes of working in a team."

2014 intern Jim Keedy turned his internship into a paying job with WSKB. Jim said that he was "more than happy to take the job." He "loved the work environment and learned that working in radio was something more my style." This job allows him to be creative as well as have fun "unlike most entry level jobs."

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