Executive Board

The WSKB radio club is run by an Executive Board of students, these students are overseen by two faculty advisers. The members of the Executive Board must be elected by to the position that they are running for and must be trained by the person preceding them before taking their spot on the board. The board is run by the General Manager with help from the Assistant General Manger.

The current positions are held by the following people, to contact some of the people please check the Contact Us  page.

General Manager: Henessy Guerrero

Assistant General Manager: John Laurenti

Program Director (Sports/Talk): Chandler Hutchinson

Program Director (Music): Cam Wade

Chief Music Director: Campbell Fackre

Chief Promotions Director: John Laurenti

Music Directors: Michaela Tobin, Audriana Cruz, Liz Gelinas

Promotions Directors: Jason Phillips, Chelsey Benoit, Erin Madden

Finance Director: Sean Campbell

Audio Production Manager: Sean Fay

Club Constitution