Academic Strategies

The Banacos Academic Center is home to the Academic Strategies Program, as well as the University Tutoring Program, Disability Services, and our program for students with Learning Disabilities.

Academic strategies are important tools to develop at any stage of a college student’s career. PLANNING TOOL KIT AVAILABLE BELOW!

The Banacos Academic Center provides limited support to any student who wants to strengthen academic performance. We want to know the times you are avaialble for academic strategies group sessions on topics such as time management, quiz and exam preparation, reading for remembering and understanding and using notes effectively.  Please fill out the Academic Strategies Sessions form to tell us when you are interested in meeting and what you are interested in meeting about.  


Please write to for more information.



Planning Toolkit

Below are the pieces of the Academic Strategies Planning Toolkit. Please feel free to grab a few friends, teammates, club members, or classmates, and work together to carve out a regular weekly schedule.  This schedule should be one that includes all aspects of your regularly scheduled week including classes, meals, calls home, play time, appointments, worship, laundry, checking email, taking care of business, club time, study time (which class and where!) and review time for each class. Bring color pencils or pens to color code your schedule.

Read this first: Dear Tool Kit User

Here are the handouts:

The regular weekly schedule serves as a tool for you to think through your week and how you organize it.  Please be reasonable, realistic and respectful of yourself!

Sarah E. Lazare, Director

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