Girl observing chemical tube

Chemical & Physical Sciences Department

Why Chemical and Physical Science?

Our department boasts a successful employment track record of placing science teachers at the middle school and high school levels. With well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, individualized instruction and low student-to-faculty ratios, we know you'll be impressed with your chemistry degree, or any other offered by our department.

Department Spotlight

The Department is located on the third floor of Wilson Hall, where most departmental classes are held. The physics, geology, physical science, and science education laboratories are also located on the third floor, while the chemistry laboratories are in the adjacent Nettie Stevens Center. Chemical instrumentation (infrared, ultraviolet, flame emission and atomic absorption spectrophotometers, gas and liquid chromatographs) and biochemical instrumentation (FPLC, ultra freezer, thermostated shakers and centrifuges, gel electrophoresis, plate reader) are available for laboratory courses and undergraduate research. The Department is also home to a small geology museum and a computer-controlled 8-inch Meade telescope.

Department Announcements


Careers suitable for chemistry degrees include:

  • Positions with chemical laboratories and government agencies
  • Teachers
  • The pursuit of graduate degrees in the sciences

Clubs & Organizations

  • General Science Club

    The primary purpose of the General Science Club is to organize activities and to educate the Westfield community on science related topics