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Chemical & Physical Sciences Dept. Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty & Staff

Christopher Masi, Chair, Professor (Wilson 323, F17)
(413) 572-5371 :
Organometallic Chemistry

Rico Acevedo, Assistant Professor, Wilson (309A)

Cathleen Beals, Administrative Assistant (Wilson 305B)
(413) 572-5669 :

Rebecca Beardsley, Laboratory Technician (Wilson 302A)
(413) 572-5670 :

Ahmet Gunay, Assistant Professor (Wilson 312A)
413-572-5669 :
General Chemistry I & II, General Chemistry I & II Labs

Maria G. Carranza, Assistant Professor (Wilson 312C)
(413) 572-5564 :
Organic Chemistry (leave of abscence 2019-2020)

Frank Giuliano, Professor (Wilson 314B)
(413) 572-5514 :
Science Education, Chemistry

Richard Rees, Professor (Wilson 301A)
(413) 572-5370 :
Astronomy, Physics

Aaron O. Reyes, Associate Professor (Wilson 312B, F17 sabbatical)
(413) 572-8380 :

Patrick Romano, Professor (Wilson 321, F17)
(413) 572-5369 :
Physical Chemistry

Karsten Theis, Associate Professor (Wilson 314A)
(413) 572-5312 :

Subramanian Vaitheeswaran, Assistant Professor, (304A)

Warren Turner, Professor (Wilson 304A)
(413) 572-5372 :
Physics (leave of abscence 2019-2020)

Tarin Weiss, Associate Professor (Wilson 318)
(413) 572-8269 :
Science Education, Geology

Part-Time Faculty

Rich  Auclair , Visiting Lecturer, (312A)
General Chemistry Lab

Carla Desilets, Visiting Lecturer
413-572-5669 :
Introduction to Chemistry Lab, Organic Chemistry I & II Labs

Patricia Jenkins, Visiting Lecturer (Wilson 312A)
413-572-5669 :
General Chemistry I & II Labs

Jennifer Lemieux, Visiting Lecturer (Phy Sci Lab Wilson 311)
413-572-5669 :
Physical Science Lab

Joe Lomenzo, Visiting Lecturer (Wilson 312A)
413-572-5669 :
Introduction to Chemistry Lab, Physics I & II Labs

Kerrie McKinstry-Jett, Visiting Lecturer (Wilson 312A)
413-572-5669 :
Physical Science , Physical Science Lab

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