Equipment and Facilities

The Computer and Information Science Department courses are taught in smart classrooms that are equipped with overhead multipurpose computer projection systems that provide computer screen, transparency, and opaque projection.  The Anne Pasquino Technology Learning Center is the classroom in which most computer science classes are taught.  In addition to the above, it also has smart board and distance learning capability.  The Pasquino Center is equipped in a manner that provides a comfortable ergonomic setting, incorporating thirteen personal computers that serve twenty six students, a laser printer, and ample desk space for laboratory exercises and group projects.

The department’s Student Multimedia Technology Center, located in Wilson 406,  is the department’s student work space, incorporating a computer laboratory and comfortable lounge meeting area for students.  The Center is operated and maintained by department’s student interns.  The lounge meeting area is a popular place for students to discuss issues and plan solutions for group projects.  The area includes state of the art facilities, including computer projection and smartboard capabilities.
The laboratory portion of Wilson 406 houses several servers and printers.  A Mac XServe G5 runs the departmental UNIX network, which has 6 client iMacs in the lab, as well as 6 other clients distributed throughout the department.  Ten Windows-based personal computers (five Dell Optiplexes and five Sony VAIOs) are available as clients of the College’s servers.  An Alpha 800 server supports two courses for CIS majors.  Another server, a Sun Enterprise 250, is also available as alternate UNIX (Solaris) environment.  Several multi-function laser printers, including a color laser printer, and a scanner are available for student use.